Try out my buying from abroad service

My package arrived today. Below are photos of some of the assorted items that came in it. You can try me out the next time you want to buy something…

@Scammed by Kilimall kuja kidogo. See the patriot 512gb sd card i was telling you about.

Elders am legit.

Where do we find out more about the service? Prices?

@administrator there is too much soliciting and less and less depravity, please do something.

I stopped replying because I realized how much of an unproductive conversation this was.

I asked and I’ll ask.

What’s the speeds of that sd card? What’s the random read write speeds of it? Not what is stated, actually what it can do. Bring the benchmark results. CAPACITY IS NOT THE MEASURE OF A GOOD SD CARD. THE READ/WRITE SPEEDS ARE. Especially the random ones. That’s how you know if the SD Card can run a camera or not. There’s no other reason for an SD Card seeing that you can just carry a USB 3 SSD that is 100 times faster than the fastest SD Card. Hell, even the ones without Dram are insanely faster for any computer use.

Which brings as back to warranty. I mentioned the read write cycles it can do before it inevitably dies like all storage media does. And in your tech illeteracy, you said you and had one since 2019 as if that says anything about how many cycles it has gone through. Well, my old Nokia Asha 306 from 2010 has an sd card and I’m sure it still works courtesy of having minimal read write cycles.

How many read write cycles can it do? What is it rated for ? Any one who bothered to test that out?
A 512gb sd card used on a Camera will be moving 150 gigs of raw 4k footage on a common basis. It needs to have a very large amount of cycles it can do before dying.

Which brings us back to warranty. A photographer buys that, takes 100’s of photos and videos for 60 days. Not just storing them, moving them then taking more photos. If it dies, what do you do? Warranty? Please don’t reply with you have had one for years. That does nothing unless you’ve been using it by writing then deleting it’s entire storage space on a regular basis.

I gave you a link from the manufacturer. I have tested the read write speeds and they are indicated.

You just have a phobia of sd card dying.

Theres no lifetime warranty unless that’s what you want. If there was a majority of manufacturers would have closed shop.

You can inbox me the image or link of the item you want . I will give you a quotation.

You can call it soliciting but you are the same nigga who will post asking where do get a lanye cheaply. Heal

Besides its Kenya Talk.

Take your self righteousness to hell

If you are legit, why do you hide your contacts?

Tupatane huko.