Truths about Volkswagen & Audi

Watu ya VW na Audi kama @wheelz Wokabi amekuwaraukia tena na ubaya, mtu ananunua German na hana pesa ya V-Power? balaaa!
@Karoga what fuel do you use on your German poodle?

Unaulizaje hii fala @Karoga about high-octane fuel and yet yeye hueka mineral oil kwa BMW then comes to swing his bells in the village about going German

Hizo ndio gari za imports by kairo or is it kanairo…

Hao wase walianza kama Audi mascots lakini wamekuwa abit diverse siku hizi, nimeona ameleta RS7, the 1st in Kenya.

Unaskia hapo very end of the video mech amesema kuna Golf 1.4 ilikula jamaa 180,000Kes pesa taslim na hiyo jamaa ingine Golf MK7 transmission control unit yake ilikufa akaliwa 95,000Kes , weh :oops: hujumaaa!!

German machines hazitaki mtu maskini. Kama wewe ni maskini cheza na gari za Japan. German machines zitalilisha wewe sana.

V power only

:D:D:D:D:D… mineral oil hata haiwezi nguruma, BMW engine control module italeta Error and cut off engine power

Most German cars sold in Kenya are high mileage cars, accident cars or cars that have been tampered with aka " donor" cars

The content is cliché and anecdotal. The fucker is beginning to sound like a broken record. Sawa na kusema wakikuyu ni wezi, waluhya wanapenda ugali na wajaluo wanapenda samaki. At no point did the idiot say exactly what goes wrong.
I would for example:-
[li]Advice diesel Mercedes owners and potential buyers to check out the swirl flaps for potential weaknesses that could disintegrate and cause engine failure, weak balance shafts that break and total the engine, egr valves that clog and affect performance possibly throwing the car into limp mode, oil seals that fail and starve the engine of oil hence failure etc. That is information that is specific,[/li][li]Advice potential landrover owners of manufacturing defects inherent like in the freelancer and software glitches in several models. The range rover sport for example has a catastrophic problem with the transmission control module that most bonobo mechanics diagnose as gearbox failure,[/li][li]Advice on specific issues to check out for.[/li][/ol][/INDENT]
Hii painting na broad brush strokes no umeffi wa hali ya juu.

They are great cars until they breakdown, no short cuts

Wacha tu tukae na Toy Yodas


finally in the very end that guy will most likely bag himself the Audi dealership here in Kenya ,he has really been royal to and consistent with that brand .

Specific issues for Audi A3 2017 please

Just Google ‘Audi A3 2017 problems’ you’ll see the common problems users have reported…engine misfires, Transmission, fuel pump etc but doesn’t necessarily mean your unit will be affected.

As a VW owner this thread is an insult.

Tafazali leta maoni mkuu, model, how your ownership journey has been.

German Vehicles are so crappy. But in Kenya,we praise them!!!

A BMW320i drained my ass off. Mimi hakuna kitu mtu anaweza niambia kuhusu hizo magari

Which VW kindly? Coz I have a friend selling a TSI that has fucked him real good. Kwanza inauzwa kama mandazi…Mwenye atainunua atakipata.

I will stick to My Peugeot 504. Anyway just buy those Audi and VW when you know very well even your counnty do not have filling station offering V-Power. Poleni saana nigas. Mimi ata ukileta petrol plus kerosene gari inasonga to