Truth Be Said - IEBC Is Grossly Incompetent

Unbelievable how they can’t tally a simple byelection within 3-4 hours. If A simple MPs seat takes this long, how long will it take them to tally MP, Governor, Senator, Women’s Rep and President? Instead of improving with time, they’re deteriorating. Unbelievable.

I feel same thing

Seems like they aren’t independent at all , and that’s why, we are advising RAO not to run for the Presidency, if the state machinery isn’t behind him.
So, @SaltyLight , what does it take to win an election in .ke or worldwide ? , and in your own opinion, if in 2002 election, if Uhuru was running against a figure that Moi was against or not comfortable with, would that Candidate have won ?

This by-election is fishy. By 1am was expecting a winner.

Raila has the right to run for election regardless what the useless state machinery thinks. The state machinery means nothing. For now, we are talking about competence, not independence.

Competence and independence of IEBC are intertwined, at this moment, it’s very hard to say if the delay is due to Competence or independence.

what if they are delaying by choice? Something is cooking, a simple by election should be done by 12 am.

Independence from whom? I agree that incompetence makes an organization susceptible to manipulation. However, you can have an extremely competent organization but not independent (Like secret services in many countries.) You can also be very independent but unbelievably incompetent (Like the EACC)

2022 is going to be messy.

That’s what i meant

No it won’t.