Truth about the origin of vibrators!

[SIZE=7]The Vibrator’s Long, Fascinating History Of Discovery (And RSI…)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]They were invented because doctors were tired of manually giving orgasms to women.[/SIZE]

[li][/li]By Libby-Jane Charleston
Vibrators were invented to relieve ‘female hysteria.’
If you’ve ever wondered why the first vibrator was invented, the simple truth is that doctors were getting sick and tired of having to manually give women orgasms to relieve ‘female hysteria’. They needed a break. The poor doctors were getting RSI, so something had to be done, pronto.
The secret to unlocking the mystery of ‘female hysteria’ was solved back in the Victoria era when the first vibrator was invented.
Ladies unlucky enough to live in those strange times were often diagnosed with ‘hysteria’ – which was often little more than what we now know as PMS or even mild anxiety. To relieve the hysteria, doctors would perform a manual ‘pelvic massage’ which resulted in ‘hysterical paroxysm’ – an orgasm.
Yes, it was the orgasm that apparently cured everything from depression to fatigue and stomach bloating. The only problem was it took doctors up to an hour to help the ladies reach orgasm, resulting in the doctors having sore hands.
REUTERSWomen found to be suffering from ‘hysteria’ would be massaged by a doctor until they could orgasm.

It wasn’t long before doctors had had enough of these pelvic massages, leading one doctor to invent a steam-powered vibrator in the US in 1869 known as the Manipulator. But the contraption was as large as a table, with a cut-out area similar to a massage table. So it wasn’t particularly easy to use, nor was it mobile.

Then along came Dr Joseph Mortimer Granville who invented the first vibrator in the late 1800s.

His ‘electromechanical vibrator’ was portable and, most importantly, took around five minutes to achieve ‘paroxysm’ in females – a great improvement on the usual 60 minutes.

By 1899, vibrators were advertised as an essential household appliance. They were so popular, they were advertised in mainstream magazines like Women’s Home Companion and Sears.

Advertisers tried to disguise the true purpose of vibrators by referring to them as ’ personal massagers’ but discerning ladies knew that these ‘massagers’ were really mini pleasure machines.

Everything changed when movies were invented and, by 1891, porno films were being made with many featuring vibrators and other sex toys. This meant ‘massagers’ were no longer disguised and became socially unacceptable.

Dr Judith Glover is the only person in the world with a PhD in sex toys. The RMIT lecturer heads the world’s first university course using industrial design principals to make sex toys, as there’s a general feeling that design has not improved in recent years.

Dr Glover told The Huffington Post Australia the adult porn industry still dictates the design of vibrators which are almost always designed by men.

“They were all very phallic and very noisy. The history of vibrators crosses into gender and sexual politics. They started out as a medical device but it was really about the control of female sexuality. It’s the way the Western society has viewed female bodies. You can trace emancipation of western women around what sex toys were made when,” Dr Glover said.

“When I was at Industrial Design school, I was struck by the fact that we had Sex and the City on TV, we were okay about talking about sex. Yet sex toys were still quite taboo, mostly due to the adult industry and issues surrounding old-school porn where the women were mostly ‘naughty nurses’ or strippers.”

BBC wanadai ni uwongo…

Many of us have heard the story that Victorian-era doctors first used vibrators, applying them to their female patients to treat them for hysteria. But it turns out this may be a myth.

Daktari Mugo wa ‘Irimu’, here you can get some material for your defence.

Back then hakukuwa kitu kama sexual molestation. It was therapy.

An enlightening bit of history… The Brits are only disputing that fact because it is not them who invented it…my two rupees worth of opinion.


nikiwa primary, kulikwa na outbreak ya mass hysteria wakati wa KCPE.
kumbe ni hizo ma anxiety na PMS wanasemasema.
walipelekwa staff room wakapewa massage na a male teacher.
I think the same tactics zinatumika mpaka wa leo

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We’ve been having this problem over and over again. Tunasimama hapo kando na kushangaa. Eti ni madimoni ama roho mtakatifu, depending on your belief! Kumbe ni nyege all along! Hehehe!

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Niliambiwa pia Viagra nilikuwa invented kusaidia watu wa high blood pressure since it draws blood to the pelvic region. Lakini baadaye ikachukuwa a very different twist.

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Lakini those doctors, how did they conduct the first diagnosis, and how frequent were the therapies administered?

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