Trusted Kenyan bitcoin trading platforms

Fellow investors other than localbitcoin which other platform is safe to trade on in Kenya,?



but just stick to LBC even though its damn expensive locally to buy btc than in most countries but i did my research and found out the difference is kidogo unless you are buying large scale


Their prices are a bit fair compared to localbitcoin but it looks like a new company, have you traded there?

yes i have

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According to Redditors, Remitano is trash.


Delayed transactions and sometimes people lose their cash.

it deals with escrow how will you lose your cash

Look man, guess you should find that out on reddit, yourself.
But again, if it works for you, no problem.

They are not good for holding coins so if you have to trade dont use their address and also in case of a dispute they have slow response other than that they are good for trading

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