Trump's losses mount

[SIZE=7] [SIZE=7]Trump’s losses mount in stunning day of[/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=7][B] setbacks[/B][/SIZE]
By Kevin Liptak, CNN
Updated at 11:20 PM ET, Fri October 11, 2019

Compare the two crowds.

Roaring Trump

Versus low energy Biden :D:D

Anyone believing that Trump will loose should be checked upstairs. Leftist propaganda can’t work

We have a situation here akin to that between double M running against Kibaki. Double M appeals to the rowdy Kibera and Moses Kuria crowd while Kibaki appeals to the Majengo, kitisuru and Woodley crowds.

I trust Obakos gentle hand, while many in the double M crowd believe power should never cross river Nyando… Let us see who wins

rally vs press statement… what’s your point?

I know, it’s hard to stomach the reality isn’t it? That’s your average sized creepy Joe rally, not a “press statement!” :D:D
Trump is a campaign machine!! Check this out!

Trump rally vs Biden rally. Same state. Same weekend.
had 7000 people

had 200 people


biden is trying to embarass himself. who lies to some of these contenders?


Biden is another Hillary 2.0. The only Dem candidate who routinely draws Trumpesque, fanatical crowds is Elizabeth Warren. But the establishment is too stupid to see that.

“In August, the New York Times reported that she may be the most popular Dem running, drawing fans by the thousands. Trump will call her “Pocahontas” for her Native American debacle, but he can’t bully her the way he did Hillary. There’s no troublesome husband, no sleazy foundation exposed for self-dealing and favor-trading. Warren’s unofficial slogan, “I have a plan for that,” underscores her readiness and reason for running.”

More embarrassing campaign trail photos: :D:D Unfortunately the media refuses to give us full shots of the teeny tiny crowds.
Very uninspiring guy!


Mzito in the house…!!