Trump's fans


That, also, applies to owuor, ng’ang’a, kiuna and all the others and their ‘sheeps’.

Ghasia heshimu commander-in-chief of world super power. Family values champion and anti-LGBTQ chieth. He is making America greater more jobs less fight all over the world.
He should be knighted and be given Nobel peace price.

Trump fans are WWE fans…

Wewe huelewi. Actually, the meme is not attacking Trump himself as much as it is attacking you, his fans!

[SIZE=5]Con man smile hukaa hivi :




Wide toothy grin to disarm the victim.[/SIZE]

Maga2020. AS if there are better options

Yes, that’s true. But that’s if the victims are smart. If the victims are stupid, when they they are being duped to inject themselves with bleach, the conman’s face looks like this…

Hata wajikune kichwa he is still their boss. If Fauci is so disappointed with his work and his boss then why not quit.

Is it an Italian thing? Cuomo, Fauci who knows.

Trump fans are used to this.

In 2016, Hillary called them ‘deplorables’ and look at how things turned out.

In 2020, Democrats are still demonstrating the same arrogance… let’s wait for the voters verdict.