Bonobos jee?
Direct flights to africa?

Trump had eliminated them earlier because he has serious personal interests in both countries. He has now caved in under international pressure is all about me, myself and I. I mean, the United Kingdom is in the centre of all this in Europe and he goes ahead and bans every European Country bar the UK? This man has destroyed such a good country. Ngui yeye.

I really miss my friend Amused. May he rest in peace.

Konyagi is drunk n still importing

I can replace him tuma few pounds za kwarantain

This big toddler is used to throw tantrums and getting thing done his way, until shit hits the fan, he caves in, and blames every one else BUT himself. US citizens have a serious task of saving their country come November.

Still importing Coronavirus “containers”?

So his personal interests in those countries were trumping the interests and safety of all Americans?

Nitumie…[SIZE=1] paybill tho don’t know how this works[/SIZE]…

Ule ghassia Bernie Sanders ako 90 years na alitaka kuwa prezo corona ipite na yeye. They should keep uncle Trump away from people especially those stupid democrats