Trump with Kenyarra: we are working on a major infrastructure project, a massive roadway - record shattering in many ways


The Nairobi-Mombasa expressway we were talking about, seems Uhuru has caved in and agreed to bend over.
Uncle Sam is coming to pile more debts on you, stock up on lube.

People only complain about debt if its China, the west has been piling useless painful loan with strict bad conditions since independence and were kept begging for more. Saa hii its hard to pinpoint the infrastructure built by world bank, IMF loans in the country outside the power sector.

On this case I only hope its by PPP not loans.

From the way these discussions were going, seems GOK delegation has caved in and agreed to take the loan, because that’s what the Americans wanted anyway.

if its not PPP uhunye akae uko uko aliko

Can they at least zero-rate lube?

If its not by PPP then expect an uproar here. He just froze new projects then we take Kshs 300 billion loan for a road project next to SGR. Kuna other priorities, Isiolo - Turkana under Lappset, Great lake Victoria bypass from Busia covering all Nyanza counties up to Isabenia and even dualing from Thika Road to Muranga, Kirinyaga onwards to Nyeri is more important.

Kama ni Loan maze, Bechtel running


Do we really need this Rd at this time, why not just upgrade the existing one

Anyway wacha tuone, kama ni loan we are done, he should forget his big four altogether of housing, healthcare, food security and manufacturing. He will do a few of them but not at the scale we were hoping. Let’s await the wording to see its a loan or PPP.

Let’s hope it isn’t the loan. Meanwhile bila lube

Ati isikue loan? Wtf? Jubilee developments all over

If Uhuru takes another Sh450 billion loan, then my support for him will end kabisa. Hata SGR ifike Naivasha. This is totally foolish and unsustainable.

We don’t need this road. We have a existing road, 2 railway lines and 1 airline route to Mombasa. Uhuru sijui nini mbaya na yeye

At least we are getting some FDI coming. However hope they come through and its not the usual photo op’s. Chinese implement them quickly, Japs slower but the west get it done when you had already forgot about it.


Oki Jeez! this is not good comms.

Uko na bibi wawili na maraya moja na bado wahanya. Nikurogwa boss, lakini in this case ata our great grandchildren will suffer. Tumewauza into slavery wakiwa kwa mithirimo

Nilisema hapa Ile shafting Kenya itawekwa na Tilamp, tutalia “Ni hao, shesheni…”
Ngombe ya Mungich @gikuyu kuja usome hii, after umenitusi… Brarry gasketi wewe…

Hapa sio uhunye, ni kushikwa makende na vikwazo. Kenyans hawawezi toboa sanctions kama pesa ya petroli inafanya tupige nduru…

Uhunye ameongea na mapua hapa…


I said it hun I said it a few posts ago that I fear for my children.