Trump will be the first president to be impeached twice!

Trump will become the first president to be impeached twice! This will settle the debate on who is the worst president in America. Even some Republicans are supporting the impeachment. Lets hope the Senate will convict him!

Democrats should be very careful. Trump supporters are not the softies who march and go home.

These will be over 10,000 police in the capitol during Inauguration.

This looks like shithole to me. It doesn’t look like a functional democracy

Guys, where do you get this BS? Anyway let’s wait and see

That’s how America got here. Right wing violence and lies never gets punished.

bullshittt, waste of time yet its obvious it wont pass senate. wangefanya kitu ya maana

Looks like parliament in Afghanistan, one would think there is an invading army marching towards the capitol

Let me share a link. It is Fox News which is “more trusted” than CNN

Early-morning Capitol photos show National Guard troops resting ahead of impeachment debate | Fox News

Voting ongoing now to impeach Guka Trump.
Wouldn’t miss it for ze world.
Maliza hii ghaseer…

The end of America and Cold or Civil war starts amongst themselves; They have forgot that is a man voted by 80 million and this 80 million will not take it lightly - a stupid move. Hate makes you blind indeed.


While you are here saying that Fox news is trusted your guy has just been impeached! For the record Fox news is just a right wing propaganda channel. It spews conspiracy theories just like Trump and his supporters

A day we will never ever forget. Ghai…thenkiu sober Americans.

But its the group that even lost the civil war which they try to glorify with the confederate flags. A confused lot

Corrected First Impeachment inti Second: :smiley:



HaHaHa…Nangoja violence from softies who carry assault weapons…watakula ngumi moja ya BLM mashini ibebewe…ala vile maumau walikuwa wanaiba mashine

Donald Trash lost by over 8 Million votes…(burundi mzima) looser and his racist troops hawawesmake…watapigwa kama burukenge in the long run…MAGA’s husediwa na polisi(familia zao)…kwenye street ata wakiwa na assault weapons na military grade isht…sheria na ngumi itawamaliza

their messiah is trash…this idiot did more for the people he was oppressing than even Malcolm X…

@Kahuni Maisha leo shoga @BBIsiMuhimu inadinya points karibu niipee like.

Inaonekana nugu mingi za ktalk zinakuwaga pro-Trump but chini ya maji. :D:D:D

And despite such a large “silent majority” we are then told that that kamzee won! How???

That is the lie of the century. Very few talkers are celebrating a Biden win.

A statistician would replicate this similar data in the U.S and conclude there is absolutely no way that that kamzee won.

I noticed that even die hard Team China supporters like @Sambamba have a soft spot for Trump. :D:D

They don’t want to declare it publicly but iko hapo chini ya maji. Wanalia kama wamejifungia kwa bafu msione machozi.

What will he do?

I want to see this new bold and bloody America.