Trump was not a bad president after all

When Jamal Khashoggi was murdered at Saudi’s embassy, liberals were mad at Trump because he refused to sign tough sanctions against Saudi Arabia.

Trump knew the economic consequences of sanctioning Saudi Arabia, and forcing its allies not to buy Saudi oil.

Now Biden came into the picture and sanctioned Russia like it doesn’t exist and forced most 3rd world countries to stop buying products from Russia. Remember that Russia is the biggest country on earth with a lot of resources to disrupt the world economy.

The miscalculations by Biden made it worse considering the global economy was just recovering from COVID-19. Joe Biden was very short-sighted trying to please the left-wing liberals.

A visionary world leader would have called off the deal of Ukraine joining NATO, and stop giving them weapons (Trump did that).
Also, broker negotiations between Ukraine and Russia to prevent the war before it happened.

Even if the war did happen, it was very stupid to force developing countries from buying Russian oil, fertilizers, and cereals.

Sanctions on Russia have left a big void in the world market where the demand for certain commodities (especially food and oil) is higher than the supply. The only option is to increase the prices to reduce the demand.

Then you factor in supply chains that were disrupted by Covid plus the U.S federal reserve printing money and hiking interest rates, you get a global recession and an inflation at the same time.

between 1939 and 1945, these people fought each other, killed day and night for six years. almost sixty million people were dead by 1946. they even had factories for killing people only. Ukraine skirmishes, a few sanctions, and a few million hungry people means nothing to them. all those light skinned people are in the same WhatsApp group.

The worst is yet to come!!

Kindly define the phrase left wing liberals for our friend @Sambamba

Trump should be re- elected since he was squeezing left wing homosexual dogs like kina @Akon City II to dustbins were they belong

I don’t think “what will happen to 3rd world countries?” is usually a concern on the table when mzungu is making his decisions. After all they said Americans and Europeans are happy to pay high prices if it means punishing Russia. I didn’t hear them include Africans or Asians in their calculations.

Being a rational adult has made me realize a US Republican government is better for Africa than a Democrat government.

Democrat do a lot of pretending they’re on your side then later fuck you up with their press on their side. Only NGO folks eat big due to this.

Republicans focus on their country and we’re better for it.

Whatever Obama did for the African was wiped out and left with a very big negative in ousting and killing Gaddafi.

Obozo did nothing for Africa but promote gay rights here.
Bush implemented AGOA and increased funding for anti AIDS and malaria funding in the continent.

Alituambia our dreams are valid. Ohh wait that was another famous njaruo

Pole pole macho ya watu itafunguka

The revolution will not be televised

Bulgaria was the first country to bite the dust. The pro Western government lost in a vote of no confidence. Raia wameamua hawaumii to please uncle sam. Lazima waendee ngata ruskistan.