Trump vs Twitter

Hii ya twitter nayo imekuwa too personal against Trump. I thought there was something called freedom of Expression kwa US. Trump should sign an executive order to deal with them

wacha DJT ashinde kipindi chake cha pili ndio ata lainisha big social media networks vizuri

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Vita ya Republicans na Democrats ni vita ya Ruling class na Middle class, whichever wins working class wako pale pale. Tf it’s not that hard to figure out

Langat, the other day you asked what this “deep state” was all about. Ndio hawa sasa, these tech companies have become too powerful. Facebook has recently come out and said they have a “kill switch” option ready to silence any political messaging which supports Trump in the event that he “loses the election and refuses to concede defeat.” Why are they planning for his loss, and why are they making it sound inevitable? Nothing about the other guys being silenced which tells you the deep state is busy planning a coup. Trump will win by a landslide but the leftist-controlled corporates and the Dems of course, won’t allow it.

wacha uncle Trump ashinde wataona moshi

Why can’t he move to Gab or Parler?
I think twitter needs him more than he needs twitter

Trump akishinda atakuwa na kazi, deal with those corporates, the swamp and fuaking china virus! I pray he wins

The reason is that they’ve seen that he is still successfully pushing his agenda through twitter. They expected him to be done after maligning him through akina Don Lemon na Cuomo. Dems are now saying because of the corona virus they want to vote through mail lakini msito aliwaambia if they were able to protest in person, they can also vote in person.

By saa tatu msito ako NDAAAAAAANI KABISA. Halafu tutaintroduce antitrump tax 45% of the profit. Hizi social media chieth zifungwe.
In 10 years to come I see decline of social media watu watahamia blogs kama kijiji.