Trump to ban all Muslims from America on Day 1

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I support.

Love it!!

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And Kenyans on day 2 , mbwa zirudi tulitombwe na JSKS pamoja as a country

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hapo sawa kabisa

The Biden-Harris campaign is putting this out in order to coax the Muslims in swing states such as Michigan. Majority of them say they will vote for the couch in November (because of Gaza-Israel).

Trump will definitely fcuk them. Last time he kept Muslims from the US and even those who petitioned for. they’re relatives. Muslims with green cards were harassed at points of entry. Let Trump come back and they will be crying how American is racist.

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Antichrist Trump is also trying to woo the Jews by showing himself hostile to Muslims. Don’t be surprised to see him become the defacto leader of Israel given how Netanyahu is losing popularity and his grip on power. American Jews vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party and Trump wants to change that. With the rise in antisemitism at its worst in American history, pro-Palestinian riots all over American cities & universities, Jews are legitimately afraid for their future.

Trump has been obsessed with Middle East politics for decades and believes he’s the “Chosen one” who can bring a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians. In doing so, he will reveal his true mission on earth as the antichrist leader, the son of perdition.

Torn between letting them arabus by the millions get into islamise sodom. And dumping demoncrats at the ballot.

For a person who’s never been to the US. A person who we could enslave on our arab lands. You sure do have a big mouth


I second

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Bingwa please, not everyone is a hood rat like you. Please stay in your lane (or refugee camp)


Bidenits talk more of trump than of biden. Oh well!!!

Hii nugu italoose na landslide November his supporters are in denial like they were in 2020 when everybody underestimated Joe Biden who campaigned from his basement, came from nowhere and beat Trump like a dog, lol.

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This human scum should stay in their countries and not export their shit elsewhere. Muslims have a penchant to blow up everything. And they won’t fight a clean war, they hit then run and hide behind their women and children. Very cowardly.

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