Trump threatens Nikki Haley’s donors in UNHINGED rant!

He behaves like a mob boss. Wow! America is going down a very dark path.

The man is not very smart but he knows how to win. It doesn’t matter how but Donnie knows how to win.


Nikki’s stay on the trail frustrates the Orangeman for one reason:

The only reason Mr Trump is running for the White House is to stay out of jail.

If he remains the sole Republican nominee and any of his cases convict him, he will claim sympathy for political interference.

Nikki on the other hand would prefer to stay as a viable alternative if this scenario comes sooner.

This really interferes with the Orangeman’s plans and hence the open irritation of Nikki’s plan to stay until after Super Tuesday which is months away:grinning:

Remember, the man left office unceremoniously but still has a lot of political capital and a fanatic base ready to die for him. The former president has already woven his election campaign and legal problems tightly together. He uses the charges against him as a major plank of his campaign. In speeches he tells his supporters that he is being prosecuted because the establishment - or the “deep state”- fears him being re-elected as president.
He sends out fundraising emails that say: “If these illegal persecutions succeed, if they’re allowed to set fire to the law, then it will not stop with me. Their grip will close even tighter around YOU.”
Trump has made clear that no verdict or sentence will halt his campaign. That he will carry on running for president from behind bars if he has to.

And that if elected he will use the power of his office to either quash any ongoing prosecutions or pardon himself for any convictions.

But trying to escape his legal difficulties by running for president will soon become a scheduling nightmare.

He doesn’t have to appear on that date to hear the additional charges that have been filed against him in the case of the classified documents he took from the White House.

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