Trump, the warrior President

Isn’t it strange how Trump often uses war imagery in his speeches? He has been telling his supporters that he’s their “voice, their warrior, their justice and retribution.” He also vows to OBLITERATE the “Deep State.” And we know who the Deep state is. :israel:

If this doesn’t strike you as extreme and so unhinged by a US Presidential candidate then nothing will.

Trump at his SC rally yesterday, as QAnon music plays in the background wow

Revelation 13:4. And they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? and who is able to war with him?

The Bible says in the book of Daniel that the antichrist will be made popular from a small group of people, and I believe this “small group” is the QAnon crowd.

…“Fear Ye Not
All these things must come to pass …”

You give Trump and his MAGA morons too much credit …

The MAGA controlled 58% of the GOP gives him the lead in that political party
Even assuming some voters are not too enchanted with President Joseph Biden , it is clear that :-

  • if 58% of the entire GOP support Trump , it stands to reason that 42% who do not , will be voting elsewhere.

  • the Voters who did not vote for Trump in 2020 will not vote for him in 2024.

No one who does NOT have the confidence of almost half of his OWN party stands a chance of flipping 50% of his Opponents voters

Which is what Donald Trump has to achieve to win in November 2024

So …
All President Joseph Biden has to do is go out there and meet the electorate , give his message of more jobs , revitalized industries , a stabilizing Economy , a united NATO and sane politics.

Time , Tide , Criminal Indictments , Judicial Judgements and MAGA antics will take care of Donald Trump before November 2024:joy::rofl:

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I don’t know……

Trump said yesterday at his South Carolina rally, that if NATO members don’t pay their dues to America and then get invaded by Russia, he would infact encourage Russia to do “whatever the hell they want.”

This man is clearly a psychopath.

This is a un-schooled , racist , criminal
, Insurrectionist , mysoginist , privileged bully who just happened to be the son of a billionaire

  • He has never served his county in any military capacity
    He evaded the Vietnam Military Draft using his father’s money and Influence.
  • He is on record referring to Military Officers who were captured in War as “loosers”.
  • He gets on very well with the 3 top Dictators on the planet … Putin , Kim and Xi Jinpin.

And he is also rather ignorant about history and it’s bitter lessons …
He was born in 1946 into a home of great privilege so probably has no understanding of what War and suffering is …

This is the idiot 40% of some American Voters are currently contemplating of voting for in November 2024

GOD Forbid It:rage:

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Great observation there! Why is Trump so buddy-buddy with dictators? Hmmm.:thinking:

Trump and his followers are becoming one and the same. The same in terms of temperament, lashing out, angry outbursts, the bloodlust, meanness, it’s all entertainment to them.

With today being the Super Bowl, I recall reading a tweet by a MAGA supporter expressing his desire to see Hillary executed during the Halftime show and I just thought, these people are really moving to the dark side, fast. Even though she is not my favorite public servant, there’s no great crime she has committed that would make me want to see her hanged on live TV. But their Nero, Trump, encourages it after all.

After doing a little more research apparently these sick people have been meme-ing about this particular vile fantasy for years. It’s all over Twitter. That’s why they brought an actual gallow to the Capitol on J6, to hang the “Deep State.” Sometimes I wonder whether we shall see these sorts of things happen if/when the Orange Traitor becomes President. Mind you his slogan in 2016 was “Hillary for Prison” so this would be taking it further down his depraved mind as part of the whole “retribution” campaign.

Tyrants , Dictators and Madmen thrive in atmospheres of Fear , Indifference or Ignorance
Good Men and Women discover too late that early action can limit or prevent bad faith actors from morphing into real problems …
And Donald Trump is a good example …

A loose cannon , born into privilage who belives that rules and common decency do not apply to him and a conviction that he can get whatever he wants by any means …

He has no moral guard rails and every negative behaviour is okay as long as it benefits him
Many of his associates and minions who were doing his bidding on 6th January 2021 at the Capitol Inssurection are already in Jail.
I really would like to see him go to jail for at least one of his 91 indictments

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Amekuwa waria tena?