Trump : The military weighs in

Hehehehehe …
Even the military are having their say …:grin:



They have very influential associations and associates in politics , media and industry especially in their capacity as advisors for corporates and think tanks …
Trump , the military draft dodger , has few friends in the military …:grin:

Naona Trump akirudi Wadau.
Unless the minorities vote

Yeah. In my view whatever they are doing to him is bound to make him stronger…

In a nutshell …
Winning the GOP nominations is different from winning the necessary 270 Electoral College Vote …

  • a divided GOP
  • 94 criminal Indictments ( more to follow)
  • disaffection with Abortion and Civil Rights
  • an abrasive , divisive personality lacking Integrity
  • no serious world leaders find him credible
  • no one who didn’t vote for him in 2020 will be voting for him in 2024 …
    President Joseph Biden’s just needs to stay above the fray and he gets in easy …:grin::grin:
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This will turn out exactly like what happened in kenya presidential elections circa 2022. Trump ashachukua hicho kiti.

Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is …???
ADMIN can hold all the Bet Money until 20th November 2024:grin:

It’s quite clear that Trump is coming back to power in 2024 and his rivals are trying everything possible to tarnish his name

Which of the 91 criminal Indictments do you think he is NOT Guilty of …???
He has already a Civil Sexual Assault conviction under his belt … :grin:

You got too much estrogen.

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Hii tukibet matokeo yakitoka utasema eti kulikuwa na corruption au uchawi umetumika. Just relax and watch events unfold, then we revisit this discussion after Trump is POTUS, ama namna gani my fren. :sunglasses:

As you wish…:grin:

Deepstate iko kazi. Your favourite MSM haitawai kukuletea story kama the one below.