Trump tears the woke military apart. Denounces General Patton.


When will Trump Organization come down quick? This guy needs to be clipped his wings … DOJ wanalala hata Matt Gaetz anabembelezwa tu


Ule msenge @patco will be wanking to this all day long.

Everything woke turns to sh’t, :smiley: :smiley:

meanwhile… this nigga literally bent over and let Taliban penetrate America… the only option biden had was to dismantle the deal and reinvade Afghanistan or withdraw…

I love the way this lunatic ex president lives in the past. Whatever he did while in office is history aka zilizopita. TOJ

i love Trump the 2024 president in waiting.

What a time to be alive. Of all people Trump could slander, he throws dirt at General Patton? That turd Trump wasn’t even born when Patton, an American war hero and icon, was rampaging with his Third Army in the European theater of war. Patton was popular enough to become president based on his military successes alone. Unlike a certain sore loser and coward that dodged the draft FIVE times.