Trump state house tena.

Ni kesho tu imebakia turudishe Ango Trump for four more years. Tuende kanisani na misikitini kesho tumwombee msito arudi. insha’Allah. We love you Uncle Trump. Liwe liwalo

Trump presidency is interesting…

… If he wins… The world will have 4 years of unlimited comic…

… If he wins… Ameruca is screwed with an idiot president…

Hii kiti ango Trump ashachukua

Inshaa’Allah !

Amen brother

Trump arudi NYC

Polls so far zinaonyesha anaenda home. As his supporter, I am a little worried for him but we soldier on (even in 2016 he pulled a surprise).
Nimeona blacks wameongezeka pande yake, kwanza black males. By Wednesday morning tutajua

He needs to win so that global LBGTQ agendas don’t get momentum… Especially with recent ‘developments’.

Developments gani hizo?

The Pope mwenyewe endorsed gay marriages shetani yeye!

Kama ndugu yake katika upingaji wa kuwepo wa virusi vya corona alifaulu na 84% Bongo, mbona yeye Trump ashindwe? atashinda pia na 84%, mngonjeeni matokeo kesho kutwa.

Wanasema Trump atashindwa.

He better rig if that’s what it’ll take juu Biden ni hapana

The results will delay this time around due to mail-in voting. So, we’ll have to wait several days.

mwishoe Trump ndio ataibuka mshindi.

Not necessarily true. Most states are very predictable and electoral college votes can be allocated before the final vote count. The challenge only comes in the few battle states that could go either way. Some of them are counting early votes as they get them ( eg in Florida), and they should have a clear idea by dawn Wednesday.

I hope he wins… America needed a hard lesson on what it means to have stupid people in charge

If all votes are counted, Trump will lose.
Sadly, he has the Supreme court to ensure not all votes are counted.

Democrats screwed themselves when they told everyone to vote by mail.
Most of those votes will be thrown out.

The truth has just started sinking in.