Trump Ruto landslide victory loading 2020 - 2022 Respectively

Deputy President William Ruto has lately sought the comfort of the popular microblogging site Twitter to dismiss stories he deems “fake” in a move seen as another attempt to fight the mainstream media through social sites.
Although the leaders of the Jubilee administration - including President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy - are known for their sarcastic treatment of the media, including infamously branding newspapers “meat wrappers” ahead of the last General Election, the DP’s shift to social media is posing yet another new challenge for media houses.
Dr Ruto’s latest decision to shift to the social site appears to imitate United States President Donald Trump, who has made Twitter his online home where he ferociously takes on real and perceived enemies, not sparing the mainstream media.
Mr Trump became the first global leader to use his Twitter handle to perpetrate what journalists and media houses in the US have interpreted as online harassment.
The US President has often defended his decision, saying it is his right to respond to news he considers fake.

Vipi wakili fake?
Naona mnauza carpets and towels on Twitter :D:D:D

niko poa naswasyco