Trump Playing Golf During X-Mas Holidays! This Guy is "Not Getting Any" From FLOTUS...both Love & P...

Leaving politics on the side, on the personal and human side, I think Trump-kuku is a freaking lonely guy
Who does this?..voluntarily unless they are being paid and we know he is not.
Why would a guy with a wife and children and grandchildren go golfing on X-Mas eve and the Day after X-Mas???
Aende akikauka. Am sure even the kids are going…“this guy ako na kasoro!”

The motherfeker screwed everyone
mexico wall, chinese trade shit & russian nuclear treaties:D
iran … etc
nobody does shit like that…
Germany to pay nato:D

Golf clubs are full on those days. Christmas Eve and day after Christmas.

Wacha kuwa mjinga wewe. Babu yako akiwa 74 years alikua anatomba nani?

I was wondering the same. At 70 Jamaa acheze golf it’s totally acceptable. Watoto ni wa mama yao ata Kama wamebeba jina ya baba. Let FLOTUS play and eat pizza with the juniors

As usual bonobo and sex

Hehehe. Maliza hiyo nyanga’u

I don’t even know. Although no… Where else can you be out in the fresh air, safe, playing a fair game, where even if he’s president, the rules of the game don’t change for him. Yeah and the picture seems to be a regular golf trolley, just like all people, without the extra ponces so to speak. I’ve never played golf in general. And I’d really like to have a holiday like that, just invite the whole family. It would really be great for me. Well, the real reason why Trump plays golf - we’ll never know. Only if he answers that question himself. But it would really be interesting to know why he spends the holiday this way. Perhaps other holidays are important to his family, and his wife also celebrates it in her own style so to speak, in her own family circle?