Trump ordered the MURDER of a President

In the clutter of all that is going on in the White House, you may have missed the fact that Donald Trump ordered the murder of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Even today, it is not clear whether it was Bashad or Israel which orchestrated the chemical attack in Syria.

"Donald Trump ordered his defence secretary to assassinate Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and “kill the f****** lot of them” in the leader’s regime, in the wake of a chemical attack against civilians…

Defence secretary James Mattis is said to have told the president during a phone call he would “get right on it” before hanging up the phone and instead telling an aide: “We’re not going to do any of that. We’re going to be much more measured.” "

As Africans - “shithole countries” - we should think about what that means with this nut in control of the red button.

America ordering the assassination of a leader is nothing new… they have done it throughout their history, more so after world war 2.

Its a good thing that during the Vietnam War, when it seemed like the US president might order a nuclear strike by himself, the Americans changed they way in which a president can order a strike by ensuring there is consultation on the issue. An American president currently cannot order a nuclear strike without consultation.

It seems like it’s become chic for ktalkers to irresponsibly contend everything until they are proven wrong. That falls under intentional ignorance.

Washington (AP) – The U.S. missile strikes Thursday on a Syrian air base were conducted without formal congressional approval. [I]Some questions and answers[/I] about how and why presidents can conduct military action without permission from the 535 representatives of the American people.

Not really, when it comes to Nuclear weapons, its abit harder than conventional weapons:

Trump can't start a nuclear war by himself, but there's not much stopping him - Vox

Grow up! Which African country is worth attacking with nuclear weapons? Or did you take button to literally mean big bertha?

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Ugh! You’re not very smart, are you? Bye.


A decapitation strike is a very extreme measure in international relations only contemplated when a country poses grave imminent danger to the striking country.

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Interesting tit-bit but irrelevant in the present context

The present context of tits?

No offence intended but I’m not a fan of ninnies.

I have noticed that you are passionate about matters Geopolitics, but my question is, why are you always bitter when discussing/arguing this matters with other fellow ktalkers? Must you always be “right”? Going by your responses on political threads, you come off as a douchebag trying to proof that you know everything under the sun when the opposite might be the case.

Yeah… I contribute to geopolitical threads amongs others. Its not a matter of being bitter… just talking and enjoying the company of fellow talkers.

No one can know it all my friend… just bits and pieces here and there.

Douchbag? Only a douchbag is happy to “Reply” to their own posts like youve done above. I bet if it was possible to “Like” your own posts you would too

my post was addressing the O.P.

If I come off as a douchebag, it is unintentional. But I’ve been called all kinds of names, least of which is that I’m an American, just because I don’t like Drumpf. So it may be a defensive mechanism.

I’ll watch out for it in future.

Out of curiosity, what is O.P?

@Amused wewe ni mkenya? Swali tu. Ulizaliwa Kenya na ukasomea Kenya?


It doesn’t change anything. I asked this because your dislike for Trump seems personal.
There are Kenyans who dislike Trump but we have much bigger problems than what Trump is doing to his country so we don’t zero in on him as much as you do.