Trump or Biden?

Who will win?
Make your prediction!

Reject bbi


BBI inaingiliana wapi na USA elections?

Mambo ya usa haisaidii. Ganga ya kwetu nyumbani

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Sisi wote tuko nyuma ya Biden!
I verified my selection three times before submitting! You never know with these computers

Si kama bomas Wakicheza chess na counting?
Unaskia hadi mudavadi hakujipigia kura kwa sub location yake.

Trump wins early morning hours before CNN wagudue waandike ‘Breaking News’

Hujui kuweka poll ? Administrator mzima ?

@admin awache utiaji.



TRUMP 4eva. :cool:

Mzito Trump

How is your uncle going to win if you don’t vote? You’re on record stating that you wouldn’t vote. Yes, it’s getting personal now, but Biden will bring back the love and compassion.

Of course I voted. Events from the past few weeks/days have made it very clear that Trump needs to be a forever President. Notice I didn’t say Trump 2020.

On this eve of the most important US election in history, I feel like I’m sitted at the edge of a deep abyss staring into who knows what?! We are literally hours away from pandemonium!

I see u’ve been binging on doomsday porn. Rest easy…life will go on no matter who wins.

uncle Trump will win 300 Electoral college votes and continue with the great work , @administrator ungeweka poll kwanza ile visible inaonyesha who voted how

Your dreams are valid for one more night.