trump neutering immigrants...

[SIZE=7]ICE whistleblower: Nurse alleges ‘hysterectomies on immigrant women in US’[/SIZE]
Advocacy groups have filed a complaint against a migrant detention centre in the US, alleging medical neglect and a lack of virus safety measures.

The complaint condemns the practices and conditions at the private Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia.

It is based on the allegations of a whistleblower, a nurse identified as Dawn Wooten.

She worked at the centre, which houses immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As part of her complaint, filed on Monday, Ms Wooten expressed concerns about the high number of hysterectomies performed on Spanish-speaking women at the centre.

The nurse said detained women told her they did not fully understand why they had to get a hysterectomy - an operation involving the removal of all or part of the uterus.

The complaint also alleges “jarring medical neglect” during the coronavirus pandemic, including a refusal to test detainees with symptoms and fabricating medical records.

“I became a whistleblower, now I’m a target,” Ms Wooten said at a press conference on Tuesday. But, “I’ll be a target anytime”, she said, rather than staying a part of what she called an “inhumane” system.

Speaking to reporters, Ms Wooten alleged gross misconduct at the centre with respect to Covid-19 precautions, and said she was demoted after protesting the conditions and staying home while symptomatic.


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Watu wakae kwao and die in peace

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Uncle Sam has been doing this since they robbed off the land from the Indians, blonde bully now screaming at the Eastern dragon.

Israel also forcibly sterilising immigrant black jews.

Waafrika huwa tunashangaa sana watu wakitudhulumu as if they owed us anything.

This is an election year. This nurse who is an African American is clearly a Democrat and she’s being pushed by Democratic politicians to do their dirty work.

The same politicians have said that they will “investigate” that facility.

The timing of all these is very suspect. When she was interviewed a second time this nurse Dawn Wooten only spoke about the risk of covid transmission in the camps, she avoided mentioning the sterilisation allegations. She seems to be walking back her statements on the uterus collector.

Looking at her age she has probably worked since before the Obama era. We know that Obama was the deporter in Chief.

In all those years hebu jiulize did she just notice this uterus collector allegations TODAY… a few months to the election!!!

Huoni hio ni siasa chafu?

And if you google her name, just a handful of media outlets are taking the story seriously and mostly they mention unnamed Democrat legislators who will “investigate” these allegations.

And these camps have been around for decades and became prominent during the Obama era. He came up with policies which brought in a flood of immigrants e.g DACA where South American parents dropped off their unaccompanied kids at the U.S border hoping the U.S will give these kids papers as per the DACA policy. This was around 2014.

After realising he’d fucked up Obama started deporting people enmasse. These numerous kids came because of that DACA policy which stated that if you came into the U.S as a child you would be given a work permit. Thousands of small kids suddenly showed up at the border.

Obama threw the problem at Trump a problem that he himself created.

When Trump suggests that they build a wall to stop this perennial problem the same Democrats refuse!

They don’t want a wall and they don’t want deportation.

Is it America’s duty to take care of Mexicans or Guatemalans or is that the responsibility of the govts of those countries?

Mexico is a sovereign country! Why don’t they assist these poor people? Why don’t they deal aggressively with the drug cartels?

Unajua ukizaa, that child is automatically an Israeli citizen and cannot be deported.

The Ethiopian immigrants know that. They know that that is one foot through the door. They are just a step away from citizenship.

But the question is why are they escaping Ethiopia and running away to Israel or South Africa through Kenya?

Shouldn’t the problem be addressed at the source i.e the socialist regime in Ethiopia?

99% of refugees hutoka socialist dictator countries. Somalia is a former socialist dictatorship as well.

The brutality and hatred you see in Ethiopia today started with Mengistu and his Derg socialist purges that pitted community against community.

why does everything have to be a conspiracy with you lot??