TRUMP is a Coward. USA is full of Cowards

They Killed General Qasem Soleimani, the living matyr of the Islamic Revolution.
Trump assassinated the 2nd most powerful person in Iran without Congressional approval, committing a war crime not protected by international law
They could achieve nothing with Qasem Soleimani alive.
Qasem Soleimani drove ISIS from Syria, ashaming the US.
From Today Trump ni takataka, appeasing the deep state to secure his seat. Iran will hit them hard.

Substantiate your claims


America is the the “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave” my fren. How are they cowards? They simply retaliated after their embassy was attacked.

If you are gonna take on the most powerful country on earth then be prepared to pay the price. Just ask Japan circa WW2. Ask sadam hussein. Ask Noriega. Ask adolph. Ask the Taliban. Ask Osama…


And what do they leave in their wake from the proxy war in Yemen to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya?
What did they achieve in Venezuela after all their efforts to overthrow Maduro?
I will wait.

You are actually going to take this guy’s word for it?

I have said here mara kwa mara katika threads zangu zote na posts zangu zote, the Americans are NOT angels. But, they are a better option then whats out there.

Look at Russia invading Ukraine, Georgia etc. Then, they love to carry out targeted assassinations against journalists, defectors etc. China has had a very long history of invading most of its neighbours. Apparently they have invaded Vietnam 15 times in the last 1000 yrs. And not only Vietnam

The thing is, in every historical epoch, there is a hegemon. And lesser powers need to know how to deal with this situation. Otherwise you may find yourself like Iraq or Libya for example.

What was this guy doing in Iraq? @sani

Qasem was the real prince of the true believers, a defender of Muslims across middle east

Iran has been around for over 1000 years, and is going nowhere.

So he was defending Muslims across the Middle East in Iraq this week. Perfect timing eh?

:D:D:D:D Le’me wait for the answer… :D:D:D

Si mpeleke kiherehere zenyu Somalia badala ya kuwa keyboard warrior

we have no business being in somalia. we are fighting a war without cause. we are being humiliated by proud Muslim youths defending their lands day in day out. kdf anatandikwa kama burukenge somalia

America’s aim in Iran is not to destroy it as a nation state, but to destroy it in its current form. The same thing was done with Japan and now she is a major US ally

America has been around for 250yrs and is going nowhere!

for 40 years since 1979 they have tried, at a great cost, to destroy the Islamic Revolution. for 40 years Iran has grown more powerful.

True, but this might be the point where they succeed because they are likely to find themselves in a situation they have never been in before… war.

I predicted here before that America will most likely strike Iran. Though they didnt do it in the end, they came very close and Trump called it off with minutes to spare. My reading of Trump’s intentions were correct. He just chickened out at the last minute. Here is the thread for reference:

Prepare for Either A Limited Strike Or War in Middle East - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

Now, being the village prophet, I am going to make a new prediction…

These 2 countries will go to war. Trump has taken the diplomatic option off the table. And without a revolution that overthrows the Ayatolla, and given Iran’s increasing belligerence in the region (targetting Saudi oil production with drones, attacking the US embassy in Iraq, and attempting to build nukes, targetting ships with bombs), things are gonna escalate to war. Especially if you factor in this tit-for-tat attitude the Iranians and Americans are playing.

I guarantee you that Iran will retaliate for the killing of this General. Then Trump will retaliate… and so on…

If you have relatives in Iran, waambie wanunue gas mask and build bunkers. The US will start lobbing Tomahawks in that direction soon.

I have always maintained that its the Islamic Revolution which brought kenya where it is today. After 1979, mashida za foreign currency, magendo, collapse of mechanised agriculture, ikifika hapo tena kenya inaregeshwa nyuma 50 more years.