Trump impeachment

its about time, but I still like Trump (Though he is mostly shitty)… his life is like a Drama Series, :D:D:D, I cant wait to see what rabbit he pulls out of his bag of lies this time.

Why did they unpin the thread?



deep state is desperate for another libya. trump anafunga mashimo zile deep state hukulia. aruhusu “limited strikes” pale iran atakua mweupe kama pamba

He’s playing the despicable divisive politics long perfected by African leaders.
It will take a long time for American politics and democracy to go back to the high levels of decency it used to have before Trump came rudely barging in to upset the system.
Do you know there are actually murmurs of a civil war some deliberately fueled by him if he gets impeached?
Yes, that’s how low America has sunk.

State Department inspector general requests briefing with congressional staff related to …
7 hours ago · The State Department’s inspector general on Tuesday requested an … the testimony of former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, …


wow civil war in America… thats low

Long shot but would be a beautiful sight to see the Orange Wankstain impeached.