Trump Family Sued : Progress

Herewith the progress so far …

Shout out to AG James …!!

She has filed for a summary Judgement before Judge Engoron to declare Trump civilly liable for fraud against the people of New York.

Furthermore, she has requested that Trump, Eric Trump and Trump Junior be ineligible to own , serve as an officer or on the board of any company operating in the state of New York …!!

That means he can no longer own Trump Towers and all other NY properties owned in part or managed by Trump or his boys. It would go into a receivership of a court appointed firm until it can be sold and/or dissolved by a court supervised transaction…!!!

It should be noted that Trump has also filed a summary Judgement to be dismissed because he claims over inflation of his assets is a victimless crime and the banks never got hurt. But the victims aren’t the banks, it’s the hard working honest people that couldn’t get loans because those billions were loaned to a fraud.

I doubt Judge Engoron will give a summary Judgement to either side but now we finally know that she isn’t just trying to recoup the USD: 250 million plus interest and penalties she is going after the jugular to prevent him from committing more fraud against the people of New York.

This is what happened to the Trump Foundation in 2018.
Trump pled guilty to 19 counts of misuse of a charity had the Trump Foundation seized dissolved and paid an additional USD: 2 million in restitution to the elderly , veterans and sick children he victimized.
Donald Trump , Ivanka Trump , Trump Jr and Eric Trump can no longer own , serve on a board or as an officer of any charity in New York .

Donald Trump needs cash and fast because this is going to be a lot more than USD: 250 million. The Jury will likely impose interest , penalties and punitive damages that will likely double that amount.
If he doesn’t have the cash , and we already know he can’t get a loan from any Bank , then AG James will move to seize is NY properties and businesses.

Trump is in dire straights …!!!


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