Trump : Facing Bankruptcy

Donald Trump is Asset Rich but Cash Poor.
His Wealth ( mostly property with a lot of Loan’s attached to them ) is worth around USD: 2.7 Billion but he has very little cash on hand …

If he is unable to post Bonds against the Court Judgements in all his cases that amount to around USD: 515 Million ( including Interest of about USD: 120K per month) the New York AG Leticia James will begin to Auction his property via Fire Sales until the amount and Interest is recovered.

He has until 30th March 2023 to come up with the money.

Over 30 US lending institutions and Banks have declined to give him the money as he is a poor financial risk and already owes them money.

His only hope is for some Billionaire friend ( like Putin) to lend him the money.
Or persuade his MAGA Judge Appointees at the Supreme Court to stay the judgement until after Appeals.
By which time , hopefully as the next US President , he could be able to “influence” circumstances in his favor

The Trump MAGA GOP which he now seems to control via his family members and cronies has currently only USD: 32 Million in it’s Election Coffers.

And there is a lot of resistance within the GOP for him to use Party funds to settle his mounting legal problems.

Either way , even if somehow the Cases were dismissed , he would still have to pay legal costs and interests that are now accumulating.

So …
Wining the November 2024 Election is Donald Trump’s only “Get-Out-Of-Jail Card”

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What he has is hype from political supporters who hope to gain from his comeback, but Trump has very few real friends. This situation is what is called when the shit hits the fan…

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Nothing has changed. Trump owns supreme court who are his only saviour. They willingly disregard all law, constitutional, statutory and even local for their KKK bonafide life member. Who can only demonize immigrants and build the wall, which he didn’t after four years.

On the other hand, Biden has sold his soul to the zionist genocide child killers and has lost all moral ground.

The third Kaloozer shall and will triumph who despite lacking power, money and might has right on their side.

Cornell West shall triumph and will crown the king if not him. Watch the space.

Tiktok will crown the king by right not might.

The hardcore Trump MAGA Fanatics “Base” within the GOP is actually only 35-40% of the entire Party , but a powerful enough block to call the shots within the Party .

**The other “riders” are misguided Christian Evangelicals , Racist Isolationists , fear mongers and conspiracy theorists pushing a “race replacement” agenda and a rural , white Conservative majority who feel marginalized and out of touch with the Democrats and their liberal policies on issues of immigration , abortion , civil rights ( affirmative action ) , education curriculum and gun rights.

These are the people that Trump has confused with his “victim” agenda and the fallacy that he is being made to suffer on their behalf.

The simple truth is that Donald Trump is being prosecuted for his own personal misdeeds and crimes

  • he attempted to subvert the 2020 Election by pressuring State Election officials to “find” 11,000 additional votes.
  • he interfered in the lawful certification of the 2020 Election Results.
  • he encouraged , assisted , enabled and led the Insurrectionist attack on the US Capital building in order to prevent a lawful power transfer.
  • he is a convicted Mysoginist and Sex Offender who has been twice fined in Civil Cases ( and more are pending ).
  • he has declared and paid only USD: 750 in IRS Federal Taxes since 2010 ( … amazing for a Billionaire - cases pending )
  • he illegally held National security documents and to date is still hiding more despite requests to hand them over.
  • he fraudulently inflated the value of his assets to illegally obtain loans ( …the case has been heard , proven and determined - execution of court orders and appeals pending…)

In short , a total of 92 indictments in 4 Jurisdictions (… and more in the pipeline …).
All his own doing and for which he is personally liable

Donald Trump is totally unfit to hold any Public Office .
If I was President Joseph Biden , I would be all over him like white on rice
I would make sure that every day , the US Voters sympathetic to him are reminded of his illegal behavior and misdeeds …

Bure Kabisa…:rage:


Haha, mmekunywa leftist/communist/democrats ‘kool-aid’ zaidi. Its interfering with your decoding of reality. Anyways, mjibambe.


Mtu wangu ameblockiwa kila bahali kama Cornell West :smiley: only washenzi believe tiktok sii ya beberus ni ya chinku

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  • Trump has appointed 3 of the 5 Conservative US Supreme Court Judges.
    That “Black Uncle Tom” , Judge Clarence Thomas , has a wife who is a Trump Consultant and Business Partner.
    The USA is a Nation of Laws , not In-Laws
    That is a conflict of interest that will be visited soon.

  • The USA is a Nation of Immigrants
    Apart from First Nation Communities , EVERYONE else is an Immigrant or a Descendent of one
    And that includes also Donald Trump

  • The crisis in between Palestinians and Israelis is a long and very complex one …

A Two States Solution is the only viable way forward.

But …

  • Israel requires iron clad guarantees of peace and respect for it’s territorial boundaries.

  • Israel will not negotiate with terrorist proxies of Iran ( Hamas , Hezbollah or the Houthis ).
    Hamas and all it’s War fighting capabilities must be removed from Gaza.
    Hamas has only 2 goals - the destruction of the State of Israel and in it’s place , the establishment of a pro-Iranian Islamist Caliphate.

  • the legitimate recognized representative of the Palestinians is the PLA ( Palestinian People’s Authority ) - those are the ones that Israel will deal with.

Finally , this current conflict was triggered by the 7th October 2023 invasion of Israel by Hamas.

  • 1620 Israelis were killed ( including Babies , the Elderly and non-combatants ).
  • 162 ( including Babies , Women and the Elderly) are still in Hamas captivity and subject to ill treatment , rape and torture

President Joseph Biden did not start this War.
Hamas did and they will pay for it.
The people of Gaza admitted the Devil ( Hamas ) into their backyard and are also paying for it.

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He is not worth $2.7b. Those are numbers he gave to Forbes magazine. Forbes is an entertainment media and doesn’t verify anything. They claimed that he had $500 cash last year, but that was all a lie. If he did, he would have been able to put up a $50m bail to a bond company to appeal that $500 judgment. Bond companies require 10% of the bond,and will post the rest of the amount.

So that means his networth is between $500m -$900m. Maybe $1b. It’s still a lot but nowhere near what he claims.

Hehehehe …
Donald Trump may actually not be even a Billioneer any more
FORBES do their homework very well and have been reseaching his wealth , investment blunders and business flops better than Troump himself …

ALL his business ventures were set up with Loans and ALL have never made any significant profits …

  • Trump Real Estates and Commercial Buildings.

  • Trump Steaks.

  • Trump Golf Courses,

  • Trump Hotels

  • Trump University.

  • He has the pending Stormy Daniels Hush Money Payments Case coming up in Court that will end up with more Fines to pay.

  • He has a unfinished Audit and IRS Federal Tax Arreas Case for the period 2010 - 2018 where he made False Declarations and is on record as having declared and paid only USD: 750 … !!
    ( … this alone has the potential to render him bankrupt once his real Tax Obligations , Interests thereon and accumulated Legal Fees are properly calclated …)

Even his private life is one big mess

  • He double crosses and takes advantage of everyone - he has no known real friends or supportive relationships.
  • All his 3 Marriages ( including the current one ) will end in Divorce.
  • All his former mistresses and current Spouse have been kept quiet with threats of Deportation , illegal “hush” payments and NDA’s ( Non Disclosure Agreements ).
  • He has a non existant Family Life worth talking about with his Children and is actually adversarial with all his relatives who cannot stand him.
  • to date , 30 Financial Insttutions and Banks have refused to lend him any money to make Court Appeal Deposits towards his ongoing Court Cases ( … he is now resorting to selling Trump Sneakers and using GOP Campaign Funds to settle his Personal Legal Expenses - that in itself most probably the illegal use of Party Campaign Funds - another Case loading …!! )

This is the Clown who has conned millions of gullible Americans ( and some Juvenile morons in here ) that he will “Make America Great Again”

Bure Kabisa … :rofl: :joy:

He was never a billionaire. Forbes magazine prints that to make sales. It’s a media company not a financial company. Half the people on there are not billionaires.

Forbes and the Economist are credible sources for Financial Information about Donald Trump.

And what is your source of information …??
KBC …??

You can verify billionaires holdings since those who own shares in publicly traded companies, are required to reveal such info, by law eg Gates, Musk, Bezos… Now for the rest of the billionaires fall into two categories. Those who fall in entertainment and and those who don’t . Those who fall in entertainment eg Trump, like to stay in public. It’s how they raise their networth. A penthouse will cost you $10m but because it has a Trump signature, he sells it for $25m. He is selling you pizzazz. How does he stay in elite limelite. Partially paying off Forbes editors. Do you even know why he was fined $450m? Because he overstated his income and networth to get loans. By 100 times the real amount.

Dr @rexxsimba . Don’t believe the hype.

All you have stated here is nothing new …
It is in the public domain …
In short , Donald Trump is a Conman …

So …
According to You
Forbes Editors are not credible because they were paid off
Of Course , You have proof of this … ?? :blush:

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Donald is broke, inept, and friendless… If you can’t secure a $464M bond, not only are you not a billionaire, you have no billionaire friends, and no bank will touch you because you’re bad at business. 🤣

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@Lionheart :

Sirs …
You said it in a nutshell …

This is the Clown who wants to “Make America Great Again” …
Ngombe Kabisa …


Both of you are actually right.

  1. Trump businesses are made off loans. They are NOT as profitable as he makes them look though.

  2. He exaggerates his net worth all the time by exaggerating how much his properties are really worth.

  3. And MOST IMPORTANT = most properties bearing his name are not his. He normally manages properties owned by some wealthy oligarchs investing in the US incognito.
    This goes for most of his so-called Golf Courses and International Hotels.

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@Mangele :
Going just by the Court testimony of his Accountant …
The release of his Audited IRS Tax Returns will be a very interesting read. :blush:

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