Trump condemns Biden's plan for new round of COVID vaccinations, lockdowns, masks

Amesema its a plot by Biden to use mail-in ballots to rig the election.

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1,137, 475 American citizens died from COVID-19 related causes during the Donald Trump administration due partly to his ignorance and ineffective responses to the pandemic…

So …
What he should do now is spend his remain free time wisely preparing his Legal Defense for the 4 Indictments and 93 Counts in 4 different jurisdictions that face him …
Ngombe Kabisa … :rage::rage::fire::fire:

Kwenda Kabisa.

Tunajua hakuna kitu kama Covid, just a test of how the Populise would react to Big Brother Control.

How come we didn’t witness such cases here?

People know the Truth, and liars Brother

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