Trump called Kim "A mad man"....this wont end well
I am a very worried man, cant someone shut this man up???can someone tell Trump to guard his tongue…??? why is he behaving as if N.Korea has acquired their Nuclear Power last week???

If you have nothing to say, don’t say it here.

Thats wonderful wonder for you…

sasa tukusaidie aje ndiyo uwache kuwa worried ?

Wondering Wonder

Pretense is not into many people. They say things as they are. Very good people, I may say.

Trumps’ personality and behavior s what got him elected, why should he change? Another thing, Trump is 72, he is a grandpa, grandpas don’t change.

Regional manager wasi wasi no yanini na si wewe umetukanwa

They never change btw

Grandpa’s also don’t give a fuck.

Na si yeye pia hushindanga hapa akisema nothing.

can somebody shut you up instead,the fatkid is a madman hio si siri.

fat kid is not mad…ni vyenye anajua kuliko nani.

Ata mi hushangaa sometimes…but he seems like he stopped giving a fuck a very long time ago and fuck anyone who could get hurt by his nonchalant attitude… that is if he ever gave a fuck anyway…


Uncle Trump can be flown to N Korea by seals apeee huyo kijana slap ya kilo na amwambie afanye chenye anataka