trump amejua hajui

I think kuna ukweli hapa 100%…try watching any live feed/ama recorded from these international channels… wherever blacks mingle with whites u’ll be able to compare the “civility” amongst them. Our black bros dont perform too well. But u’ll never find any black supporting this kind of opinion just like u wont find locally, any lakeside human condemning their goonlike behaviour…or the @GeorginaMakena brigade condemning “my-dress-my-choice” dress code

The Donald is truly petty. Yenyewe respect is earned.

The Donald calls it as it is. And for that reason, Americans love him.


Good exposition.
I think the ‘Powers That Be’ want to stir up a racial conflict between Whites and Blacks in the US, something that is not in the interests of either race.

Whatever happens in USA between now and 2024, I won’t mind. I will only cash on it.

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kwani hiyo facebook yako ilikuwa kwa hurricane?

Nobody should disrespect his Nation’s Flag and National anthem. If those Negro football and NBA players are all about walking the talk ,they should leave the game.But they can’t! Cus they got drugs to pay for, sneakers to buy, Xbox to have, Cadillac Escalades to stunt in, Parties to throw down,baby momma problems, Incarcerated relative’s families to look out for, And they moms to take care of. Bunch of Spineless niggas…reason whites still despice those entitled brats.


Absolutely not! America is not North Korea where Fat Boy demands unquestioned respect and loyalty or else. Flag burning and other acts of symbolic expression that may be deemed disrespectful are indeed protected by the First Amendment of the American constitution. Those NFL/NBA players have all the leeway to “disrespect” the flag and not sing the national anthem as they please. That’s the whole damn point of the 1st amendment the ability to make a choice without fear of punishment.


osa vinya


Ni screenshot

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Just saw that Drumpf flew bombers along N.korea’s coast .Shits getting real truly the end of days.

In DPRK’s waters?

Yeap they are testing each others limit.

Shait. Trump is really pushing it.

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The donald ako poa. I especially love the way he works up CNN. Washenzi hao trivializing everything! Trump aendelee tu hivo hivo

Someone is soon bound to cave eventually.

Babuon would have exploited/milked that issue to the limit.

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I have been to the USA and let me tell you, blacks there have the nastiest attitude you would ever encounter. i was attending some classes and the blacks would always arrive for classes late in the morning and after lunch. then instead of trying not to disrupt class as they came in, they would enter noisily taking no account of the ongoing lecture. then when the lecturer request people to wait till the end of the section to ask questions, they would ignore and disrupt with remarks and questions such that we could not cover intended sections on time.

if lost in a street, i found it easier to ask a white person than a black. even the African who immigrate find it easier settling in white neigbourhood than black ones.

I am not saying there is no racism there, there is a lot of it. but the belligerent victimhood attitude of black americans have contributed a lot to their marginalization and escalated racist attitudes towards blacks. the blackleaders would rather focus on the few cases of police brutality and completely ignore the brutality blacks are committing against their fellow blacks. they ignore the rising celebration of gang culture among the blacks. after all, they can just sit their lazy behinds and blame the white man for their problems while ironically expecting the white man to solve their problems


North Korea borders Russia and China. Dropping a nuke on NK means exposing Russia and China to radiation which means retaliation by these two countries on America. Best option is to kill Fat Boy with sniper fire. Not too long ago they had him in their crosshairs but chose not to take him out. Dumb!

[SIZE=6]The US could have killed Kim Jong Un on July 4 — and made sure he knew it[/SIZE]

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Putin said kim and trump are like kids in kindergarten

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