Trump 2020

As much as I dont want this idiot to be reelected, hapa naona the UK General Election 2019 that ended yesterday where Boris won big time should very much worry US Democrats
I say this because of these two points
1.Corbyn pledged to spend £60 billion ($80 billion) investing in schools, hospitals, education, green energy and home-building.

This is the same way Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are currently dishing out promises like free tuition, healthcare and a green new deal.The point is wazungu hawataki free things for the fear of economic immigrants.

2.Labour party very much depended on social media especially Twitter and underestimated Tory Party…truth is Twitter is just a LOUD minority…kwa ground vitu ni different [ATTACH=full]275459[/ATTACH]
Just see UK twitter trends jana:D:D

Viva Trump!!


Trump’s entire candidacy for president grew out of that polarization. He treated (and treats) Democrats like the enemy – rhetorically and in his actions. He punishes any Republican elected official who doesn’t demonstrate total and complete fealty to his bastardized version of who the Republican Party is. In less than 30 minutes, the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee this Friday approved two articles of impeachment against Trump, making him only the fourth president in the history of the republic to face a full House vote on impeachment. Two of the three – Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson – were ultimately impeached by the House in a floor vote. The third, Richard Nixon, resigned from office before what would have been a certain full House vote to impeach him.


There’s a tendency to lose sight of this historical moment because a) it was totally expected and b) there is very little chance the Senate, where Republicans have the majority, will actually remove Trump from office. But that would be a mistake. Because impeachment is the most serious thing that Congress can do vis a vis the executive branch. And once triggered, it can’t be undone. You can’t repeal an impeachment. It’s in the history books. Forever.
That he now is almost certain to join Clinton in the ranks of the impeached (but not removed from office) makes a certain sense: The President whose time in office ushered in our current era of feral partisanship and the President who is the darkest form of what that partisanship can create in our politics. Trump isn’t much of a student of history, of course. He would likely say he is more interested in making history than in reading about it. Well, with the help of the House Democratic majority, Trump has made some history – and will make more next week when he becomes only the third president ever to be impeached.
Because he is Trump, he may well take some perverse pleasure in that distinction – believing that history will vindicate him, and perhaps more importantly, the politics of impeachment will play to his advantage come 2020. Maybe. But what we can say for sure is that Trump’s name is now written in the history books. For better or worse.

You do live in an alternate universe where altering facts and reality is the norm?

Who is attacking who?! Can you please stop ‘carrying people fools’.


How comes ile tapeworm haijakanyaga hapa ikunie proper?