Trump 2020

Will trump win 2020 I just want hear your thoughts on it … am team trump btw

Nikama mvua itanyesha usiku huku

No. He will lose badly.

What is your reason for this

His connection to the professor of politics heading the Kremlin.

Is there evidence of the Ruskys messing with the elections ata

Evidence or no evidence, it depends on what voters believe.

Absolutely. His main support was from Military personnel but since muzito Navy Admiral William Mcraven publicly spoke out against him, his support among veterans has diminished. The guy is very well respected and it has been rumoured he’ll stand for presidency in 2020.

SEAL William McRaven, who slammed Trump, eyed for spot on 2020 ticket


Trump must win, wapende wasipende

One term president. He will not win reelection.

People said he will not win including obama

Lets wait and see. I never voted for him and will not do it. Anyone but him.

Hehehe sawa did you go for hillary

It’s clear from the politics of government shutdown to force funds for Mexico border wall, and the revelation of how the Russians messed up with the US election in his favor, he can’t see the walls of White Hse a second time.

Wacha tuone kama staging a coup in Venezuela and installing a puppet regime in order to siphon oil wells will help him.