TrumanCapote menace

The witch has taken away the flavour of this category.More than10 threads from her with nothing juicy.
Admin pls make ktalk great again by locking up the biach.

@rexxsimba has failed in his work.too

She/he is a pain in the arse ok…

Just hit the ignore button and move on…

I swear she will be the first to be ignored by I and I.I hope i will not see anything to do with her

Let the woman be. What are you getting all bitchy about, ama anatishia kuchukua bwanako @poyoloko . Sere

I blocked that mad woman eons ago. I couldn’t handle the insanity.

Naona niweke ignore button but naona naweza miss safisha mesho ya makena Aki amua

Cant relate. I BLOCKED her.

I like how she nags around,by the way @TrumanCapote makes this site lively,are you all gays complaining of the only lady around?let her bubble around so that the village doesnt seem gayish or full of mad men like @cortedivoire setting vagina prices for prostitutes he wanks with:D

Lock her up!

@TrumanCapote needs prayers from prophet Pastor Ng’ang’a

Kuna kitu inaitwa ignore button,haven’t seen her posts in ages

Siwezi ignore yeye ,liwe liwalo

It works wonders,nimemblock then all her posts vaporized,I hope she’ll not sèe mine too

We need to talk in private,when are you free

Leave my woman alone…just because you can’t have doesn’t mean she is not likeable by US.

huyo anahitaji kende ya @Jehovah Wanyonyi.

Nilimpatia ikaniuma… Simpatii tena

@Baddestnigga and @BADASS are you the same person

She’s the greatest beneficiary of COVID-19…Lots of idleness…

Mimi nililemewa. Had to hit the block button pia @digi