@Trumancapote kuja ona mapenzi moto moto - there is still hope for humanity

BTW I had not even opened this video, only to realise the hostess ni mama mwingine ako Arizona, very desperate to get married after wanaume wa Kenya kumpiga character development hadi she ended up with 2 kids from different Kenyan men ati anajifanya Mzalendo. Na mwingine Tena wa Tatu akam con. Can you do background checks before posting videos here.

Huyu mama she wants Kenyan women abroad to end up like her that is why she is pushing this agenda of sticking to Kenyan men. @Nameberry1 come see this.

This is the third Kenyan ‘sweetheart’ kumpiga character development. Zalieni wazungu musidanganywe.

Now back to market after importing importing not 1,not 2 but 3 Kenyan sweethearts. Why are you not discussing her story instead of focusing on outliers?

Mashenzi moto moto indeed. The hostess should have told you

Imetolewa but ya there are many kenyan women with that syndrome of internalized misogyny .they are as dangerous as men

Imagine she brought them to US then they left her while she was pg, this last one cheated on her while she had taken him on a vacation to Jamaica. She removed the videos but I have them still including when she was playing house with DD.

Its after 3 Kenyan men that she has finally decided to date outside her race.

Anytime someone is telling you to make sacrifices for a man bcz what matters in life is love and happiness just remember that no man will be abroad surrounded by white women and wait to bring you to the states for 9 years.

If you are ever in doubt bcz of all the matryr complex brain washing women go through in their head from society simply ask yourself if roles were reversed would this man do what I’m doing for him for me? If the answer is no then you still want to proceed with it it means you don’t love yourself and you don’t put yourself first in your life. Why make sacrifices for a man who would never do the same for you if he was in your shoes?

There is no saving such men are cruel women hawakua wanajua till after marriage at least this days there’s info

Not even marriage coz none of the Kenyan men she brought over married her. Men are so entitled and they will really use you if you don’t stop letting emotions govern you.

Knowledge is power but she learnt nothing after the first 2


Papp aliuzia @captain obvious obvious site after kugeuziwa na injinia wa Kenya. This was after giving us lovey dovey stories of how they were living happily ever after. Sources say injinia eloped with a pre wall msunguu and disappeared deep into Arizona

She’s blinded by the desire for love and marriage. A man just comes to her life and pretend to love her, she gives him her all. Which is by the way what many women do especially when lonely in foreign countries that’s why our girls in Gulf are being conned left and right. Kenyan men are camping online to con women especially women who are abroad bcz they are so lonely and vulnerable being away from their families.

She is a very beautiful and good lady but her desperation for love is just too much. You can never meet a good man when you are desperate. I saw her calling DD her husband shortly after meeting him. He later really broke her heart. She has now gone to online dating and I know that the only men who are loving enough to accept a woman who has 2 kids are white men. Kenyan men will just pump and dump her or impregnate her again. She is a good person but she has not understood how the world works and also the psychology of black men. She is still in alot of pain. She needs to heal and she needs to start seeing white men. Black men have wasted her and will only waste her more if she continues with them.

I hate to be the one to say I told you so @Purple come on back to ktalk Usijali everyone makes mistakes, tho asieskia la mkuu huvunjika guu. I told you these chimpanzees ain’t shit. I am older than you I know these chimpanzees psychology. You are surrounded by white men why the hell are you forcing black love? I’m surrounded by black men and all this time I have never found them worthy to have children with, that should tell you that you better try your luck with them white boys that are all over where you are. Hope you don’t end up a bitter single mother like Betty of Arizona raising chimpanzees kids single-handedly in a foreign country where you have no social support. A bottom beach is a bottom beach my sister chimpanzees ain’t got no love to give coz a struggling man has nothing to offer a woman , its all about their own survival sis. It’s junguu time ladies. Ferk these monkeys. You pay for your dates, wedding, dowry, bring a man abroad for green card and you are warned by an older woman but unachochwa na ktalk monkeys ati love and happiness. Ati she’s happy and I am salty. Who is salty now though? I’m not going to gloat but if you hear me tell you something next time listen. Before I come to any conclusion about anything I have thought about it for years if not decades. Most women married to blackys are miserable that’s why I am not getting married to them they still propose bcz even if you are 100 if you have abit of money you will never lack blackys chasing you. It’s up to you to understand why they want to ‘wife you up’. Their intentions are anything but noble. They want to blind you with promises of riding together into the sunset so that you open your uterus and your wallet. That’s what it all boils down to with these monkeys. Don’t be smug telling me that you have life figured out coz you do not. I am here with these chimpanzees. Yet I am not marrying them or having their kids, do you think am crazy? It’s because I don’t see them adding any value to my life they are nothing but a liability. Why would I marry them and have their kids unless I am desperate and I don’t love myself. All they’re good for is a little fun and dating WHEN IT COMES TO THE SERIOUS SHIT LIKE MARRIAGE AND OR CHILDREN YOU NEED TO GO WHITE. @Freyja and @Nameberry1 nyinyi ndio bado muko kwa soko. Learn from the mistakes of other women who thought that they love black men so much. They don’t love you beck they just want to use you for green cards and kids. No love in the zoo my sisters. Zalieni wazungu. Its the absolute best option you have if not the only one.

Ndio hii mkubwa… say no more
What happened to thread ya "Financial Tip" @purple.. @adminstrator - General - Kenya Talk

You can see why I advise black women wazae na wazungu. That woman can not even sell me a pencil and I buy.

How can a grown man believe anything a woman who believes that no woman will go to heaven unless she gives birth and that the serpent in the garden of Eden was a homosapien? And then you say I’m the one who has a short wire!!!

I lost money in my first pyramid which I was introduced to by my own mother and after that I have never been involved in any so called investment.The only way to con me is come with a sob story like Mr. Lecturer. Hio nitatoboka but investment? I was conned in a registered Sacco. Kenya is the ground zero of ponzi schemes.

Wewe umeishi Kenya all these years with registered cooperatives, banks, green houses collapsing with people’s money and you are still this gullible?

Jameni wamama tuzalie wazungu, black men are not serious about life. You can imagine how you will live if married by one then he enters these ponzi schemes.

Mimi nilishtuka even people with degrees in Bcom and finance akina @Eng’iti loosing money with Cytonn investments…

Heheeeee :D:D:D:D

Lakini watu wengi hapa IQ iko down sana. They actually believe that @Purple was a doctor. Mtu ako na IQ ya kuku ni Daktari?

They used to swallow everything she tells them unashindwa Hawa ni wanaume wa Aina gani? Huyo mama she had superiority complex ati juu yeye ni mtumwa abroad. Alafu men here wanted her to marry them awapeleke majuu.

Huyo mama can only be a nurse. Her IQ is typical of how nurses reason. Anyway I saw her from far and I wasn’t letting her take me for a ride I would call her on her bullshit. No wonder hata hangejaribu kunikaribia na hizo pyramid schemes zake coz she knew I will come out guns blazing and expose her.

No love in the zoo, noted.
Hard to argue with facts. salute

Niaje Belverlyn Nekesa. @Yuletapeli anataka mluhya kama bibi wa pili.

Rushia yeye digits za vienyeji safi from your village before wapachikwe mimba na jamaa za boda boda

:D:D:D belverlyn nekesa ni nani hasa…

:D:D:D:D:D @purple alichukua hio ngombe ghassia vile alisema tu . jamaa anakaa tu kupigwa viboko

I’m a Kenyan I don’t do process. And I can’t even imagine you would suggest it.