@Trumancapote kuja ona mapenzi moto moto - there is still hope for humanity

@TrumanCapote what a beautiful love story. Such a sweet woman.

She brought her boyfriend from Kenya to the USA.


Cc @TrumanCapote .Kuja uone venye huyu dem alipeleka Omosh wake USA.Sai anangoja tu kuzalishwa.What a beautiful love story.

Anakaa 9 years waiting for a monkey while junguus wako everywhere? Kweli wazimu haina Kinga. In one year or less I would at the very least be having a junguu kid. Sio hii kuleta nyani kutoka kwa forest to US. @Purple saa hii anabeba mzigo zidi ya lorry za taka. She took a monkey to US, saa hii inashinda gym ogling junguus as she is slaving away in five jobs to pay for day care.

Btw purple alienda wapi

:D:D:D those jungus will choke you to death after penetrating your malnourished arse-nal


Tangu aoshwe muosho moja na Carribbean. Ni kama she never recovered from the shock. Ilibidii ahame kijiji. Zile sweeps angepokea zingempeleka Kwa grave earlier.
Let’s hope the best for her.

Hiyo thread iko wapi

Its almost 3 years ago.

It’s not about the process, but the goal. That’s Kapote’s motto.

Those mzungus are upus. Just stick to a loving african man.


Loving African man ni mgani when women married to honchos are selling nudes for 35k?

Life is about love and happiness, not mzungus. This lady says he was married to a msungu and there was no love or happiness. Afadhari that kenyan lady who imported her sweetheart from africa.

Hizi video huchokesha. Mimi huskia tu “yes thank you so much for inviting me…”


Ukirudi 10 minutes later, “So in 2011 I moved to… where I met James… we dated for 3 weeks…”

Ukirudi 40 minutes later, “That is when finally I moved to the U.S and here I am today. My journey here started with…”

Ukirudi 1 hr 30 mins later ,“So that is how I how I brought my husband Josef Mangele Onyango Obonyo Calixtus Sibuor Onyango Oduori , a former teacher in Mbita to come give me warmth here in North Karalina. Bae greet the people…”

Kisha @Mangele na yeye anaanza how he was born at 4.30 am on a dark, rainy night in Karachuonyo, in 1981 as if he was there in person.


Huyo mzansi has interesting videos. I wish @mikel could translate.

Shiet! Huyo ni Purple kwa hiyo video.

I wonder which shop you are going to go to and they sell you even a packet of milk in exchange of love and happiness?

To me I have been surrounded by the black men and I have never found that love and happiness in them. Why in the hell will I then leave Africa and then start importing a blacky? Kwani mimi ni wazimu? If they were so great I’d have married them when I was amongst them. Sasa nikiwa nao wamenishinda then God takes me to a land of junguu everywhere then I use my money, time and energy to be in a long distance relationship with a blacky in Vumbistan. Then I take him to Biden Stan ati ni sweet heart.

The day I will become that stupid I need God to take me home. Kwanzaa I am not even that crazy about junguus join some platforms in FB uone how our young black girls are all over international dating sites looking for a junguu. They even pay. They track other black girls who have junguus. Mimi na tafuta tuu watoto wao I’m not looking to date or marry them bcz I am used to being independent.

Let’s hope that this guy will not break her heart after her spending her decade on him and her money and time. So many black women are in hell bcz of this lie from the pit of hell called love and happiness.

Women are being used so badly wakifuata hizo loves and happinesses. You are being stupid in the name of love and happiness. You can keep your sweethearts from Africa, I need a white man’s seed. Anything else is beneath my posterity.

Ulikataa kumuoa akaenda dating sites kupata tinder swindler. Wanaume you are very evil people.

Kuzalishwa ni one touch, you don’t need to wait 9 years and fly tinder swindler to green card. @anon46421834 badala kulala kwa bed bugs invested student hostels ungekua unalala kwa snow.

Please ingia tinder group ya nurses wa majuu. Hii misoto inakupeleka hostel it aisha.