@TrumanCapote is right

Our sister @TrumanCapote is right when she refers to us as chimpanzees.

Think about it. A chimpanzee is a primitive sub-human primate whose only tasks include eating, shitting and sleeping.

We have a fantastic platform where we can discuss ideas, inventions, business and technology, but instead, fools like @Ndindu engage in useless politics, hooligans like Conman @anon46421834 and Divock Owiti @cortedivoire pontificate about their brothel experiences, fake gurus like Ahor Azai Wairimu @Gaines regurgitate Andrew Tate red pill, wankers like @rexxsimba share nude photos of obese women on a daily basis, and illiterate muratina addicts like @PERDITION and his githeri munching wife @Kanguthi trade primitive insults 24/7 365.

Meanwhile, our junguu counterparts are busy discussing inventions, innovations, fresh business ideas and serious technological advancements.



What about international playboys who discuss their escapades at the Monako Grand Pricks? :racing_car:

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Look at this muratina addict called @patco asking me primitive questions.

Discuss solutions, not problems!

Niaje Patco?

Fiti Purple

I don’t know why i read " tight"