truman kapoti

Hilo swali uliza babako msenge @poyoloko

Huyu lazima awe sinia

What is the meaning of this? Avoid misusing my good name for your penis addictions. Mwanaume ni mtu wa kulipia dowry, watu Wana screw mpaka wanyama? Join Lawrence in psychiatric ward bcz this is a classic example of being possessed by Satan.

Mimi ni Yesu tuu na ngoja please musinisumbue please including those of you pretending to be mzungu on my inbox, I don’t do online dating please serial killers are now on social media . Please give this madam my number I will give her some men here who keep changing numbers when I block them. Please wanaume, leave me alone bwana I don’t want you. Why are bothering an old woman like me. Simuachane na mimi please. If you change numbers after I block you that is harassment and stalking, I am giving you until Valentine to stop bure I will file complaint with DCI. I am TIRED. Leave women alone please. Kwanzaa I have spirit husband like Ihuoma, utakufa nani. Cheza na Bibi ya Amadioha already 2 casualties have been claimed. Ambia mama aje nimpe hizi ngombe zinanisumbua like wanawake wameisha kwa dunia. I am set, my spirit husband kwanza ni mzungu very handsome not that ugly thing mumeniwekea kwa friend request. I don’t date brokeass and ugly men. If a spirit husband can be in love with me hadi ameua wanaume, Unafikiria neza take just any chokora? My fren know people. Nonsense.

I thought you are transgender. Are you a virgin yourself ama umeuza mkundu hadi imecollapse? Makende walikutoa ya Tatu ama?

Babako alinipea after we had a closed door consultation.

I am still waiting to know shash ndio nini. Hamasisha wadau on mihadarati. Psychiatrist has blamed Lawrence Warunge induced Psychosis on Bhangi, ati bhangi can arouse latent paranoid schizophrenia. Please change your career path bhangi is the main reason for all of this family dying.


Na unaongea aje ni kama @poyoloko ameshonde kwa mdomo chako?

Pambana na athritis polepole mama muzee

I’ve come to learn that utterly beautiful girls are so humble,kind and don’t have sweet voices(for obvious reasons they don’t have to campaign…) not so yuppy yuppy around

The rest(ugly ones of course) are so entitled,talk everywhere as they look at you so that you can notice their sweet voices only to be turned off by meffi-looking faces

[SIZE=1]But kazi ya mungu haina makosa[/SIZE]

You wanted my attention so I am giving it to you. Why can’t you be humble and leave me out of your nonsense.

Men have no standards, do you know that transgender prostitutes make more money than female prostitutes? Something is seriously wrong with the male species. You will pay more to have sex with a man dressed as a woman but you have the gall to patronize women about their looks. You are insane. You would fuck a chimpanzee if it wore a dress and pay double.

There’s nothing a man can tell me about anything aesthetic or morality. How beautiful are the donkeys, pigs and chicken you people fuck? Meffi faced pigs literally have faeces on their face and you men will still fuck them. What standards can such a creature set for women. Women are celestial you no good demon. Go find another demon to assess we are not on the same plane. It’s like an extra terrestrial telling a human being how to be human.

Mumeoza more than a corpse in city mortuary with maggots and roaches crawling out of their mouth alafu you want to tell women what? Read my lips there is nothing a, man can tell a woman bcz men in nice cars go to towns get homeless women including superstars like R Kelly, drug addicts with no teeth who look like they have AIDS and then fuck them behind a Dumpster. Alafu munaita wanawake kuguru, you are now the ones dictating morality after going to fuck a woman whose vagina has seen 30 types of semen in the last 24 hrs, which woman would do something like this?

My fren fagia kwako. Leave women alone. Leave their morality alone, their looks alone bcz I can assure you that hell will be a boys club. You men are so so rotten it’s better to have relations with a corpse than let a live man touch. Mumeoza. It’s just on the outside you front a facade but if what you do is exposed heh heart attack. Men don’t have meffi faces, they are just corpses that are rotten masquerading as moral high priests, kuguru this kuguru that. How can a person capable of screwing an animal, pontificate about anything? Hata shetani mwenye we won’t screw an animal. You are demon possessed seek exorcism first once you become human again I may consider listening to your opinions bure I will sooner listen to the devil than to man. Very rotten people you don’t even respect your own body. Nonsense.

Several men PAY to have sex with this woman. I guess meffi face or disease face or any other face, you will pay for it. If this can’t turn you off, what else will?

Why won’t women be entitled if men, not homeless men, working men, married men, pay to have sex with women like this? Lots of men over and over?

Lots of beautiful men here. They are making alot more money than female sex workers.

This one does not look entitled, just kind and humble. Just how you like 'em. The voice is bomb too. How much would you pay? If you can’t, plenty other men will.

Pay his dowry then he will drive your car after leaving your house to find this woman and use your money to pay her for sex. LOL.

Am sorry if you were brought up by a single parent (mom)… don’t blame men for the hell you’ve been through in this life, your irresponsible father ndio alishindwa kunyonga

Kapondi heri ata ungezaa chawa itunyonye damu badala ya kuharibu wakati googling such dogshit to make your point on ktalk. Saa ukifika 75 in ten years time and osteoporosis sets in nani atakuja kukupikia uji?

Huyu mwanamke hanaga akili… Kelele tu mingi na maringo haiko… @TrumanCapote unafaa ujue wanawake wenye hutakwa sana na wanaume, hawanaga kelele… They are just quiet and happy… Wewe hii machungu yote unakuaga nayo na kele mingi, tunajua its bacause unaonaga wanaume uku wanadinya ata chokora lakini wewe hakuna mwenye anakutaka… Kwa ivo unashindwa if you are really worse than a chokora… Alafu hii immatirity yako ya kushinda ukitudanganya ati kuna wanaume wanakutaka na wanakustalk uwache… Ju ni uongo… Na kama ni ukweli, hao ni ju wanjua you are just a foolish desperate cheap easy maraya