Truman capote

I think this moherfucker is an attention seeker. Hakosi kwa any forum. It shows that in real life she lacks attention and thus seeks validation online… I think she should be kicked out of the kijiji. Most of her threads hazimake sense. Hii ndio reason masa ya justin beiber hampendi yet she likes everyone

She was raped at young age…

Hahahaa I thought I’m the only one who had realized it.

:D:D Go easy on her.


Tuliblock yeye na ku move on kitambooooooo

Let her be. I guess we all have our spaces in ktalk

And here you are giving me attention. Attention is attention. Even negative attention is still attention. You are too retarded to know that if you want validation all you need to do is be like you, agree with a bunch of people and they will validate you, the fact that I am always in disagreements here shows you that I really couldn’t care less about people’s approval. Stop projecting, it is you who needs attention and validation you are new here and think that by attacking the most popular person here you are likely to get it. You can’t control me or what and where and when I post. I know it’s hard on your fragile male ego but I don’t listen to men or do what they want unless they contributed to my genes or my net worth. Since you don’t. Your opinion is of no consequence. Talking about attention, this is the first and last attention you will get from me. You are officially blocked. Goodbye.

Panya ukweli tu English kcse ulipata Kama mingi Sana C minus

Since I blocked her I forgot she exists. Ntaleta hekaya yake hapa. Am sure I know her in real life.

Pia mimi nashuku namjua.Kuna kunguru sumbua sana nilidinya Mombasa them days.When I asked her kama ni yeye akaniblock.

I am more concerned about the coackroach Tanzanians on this website.

Akina T255 na @uhondo

My opinion is that anataka kuonyesha anaweza drive engagement kwa posts zake. So that kwa kila post if 20+ people reply and interact, anaweza endea admins adai kakitu kwa sababu ya kudrive traffic. Ukinotice, posta zote huwa na angle ya kuleta ugomvi kidogo ama kueneza ujinga. Shida ni, hata kwa posta zake, utapata yeye pekee ndiye anajiongelesha. Sasa sijui kutaendaje. Anyway, afadhali afanye hivyo apate attention kuliko ajinyonge so tumwachie tu.

Admin anaonanga mtu kakitu ma posts ziki drive traffic?What is the threshold?Is it the number of likes ama followers?

Have you thought of opening something like a blog. This site got people writing their experiences and sexual excapades the most of how I frequent the sex section. Most of your thoughts are a bit emotional if not attached. Guys here don’t expect you to be general but they need thrilling life experiences, ukileta stories kama vile you almost chocked on a cock or how you met a guy with mulla but only got a toothpick down there, so you could only fuck him for the money but get eaten by one of your well loaded ex-boyfriend… stories kama hizo zitaeza. Hope you take my advice objectively.

Rudishia mamako X5 aende church. Mama’s boy.

:D:D:Dthe enigma

Forums ni mingi kwanza in FB and more interesting than here,that’s where I get most content I bring here, where uneza Pata better and more positive attention than here, tena uki participate you even get a badge. Mimi siezi enda kudai kakitu kutoka kwa admin, that’s your level not mine. Maybe admin ndio anaweza niomba kaloan. Wewe ndio utajiyonga juu ya umaskini… As I have said I am here to drive my agenda. Attention or none I will keep on. Attention yenu can’t even save a cockroach. Before I joined ktalk are you the one who was giving me attention? Yall just hate to admit nimewashinda akili. Every week there’s a post to discuss me. People can only backbite you if they are behind you. Check my post uone sinanga time to focus on anybody here I stick to issues. Now on that high note of doh wacha nikublock coz I don’t like the attention that you are giving me. Goodbye.

I’m sorry siezani juu I am celibate. I only copy paste stories from Kilimani Moms juu Maisha yangu hainanga drama. Where will it come from but nikiona hizo story Kilimani moms nitazileta.