Truman Capote pleasing her Njungu

Authenticated leaked video shows @TrumanCapote giving her njungu utamu.The grandma amekataa maneno ya chimpanzees kabisa.Kweli #NjunguIsBest

Kapondie ni marraya mzee

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maliza hio ghaseer


Kapondi ni mweusi ti ti ti
Deserve Black Woman GIF by Janet Jackson

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Yeye pia hulipwa na admin to generate traffic but instead, she repels users.

Also, @TrumanCapote should start cleaning her panties. Either that, or @Lionheart should clean them for her.


Seriously… What is this???

This is njungu is best.You digggg?

Hehe … @KuwaitBabe unauliza kwani are you a 16yr old Blessed Virgin Mary?

Na vile Kako na experience

Ako ka mkamba zile mamboro kamekutana nazo ni from here to planet venus


Kuna time aliambia elder apa she wants to tickle his prostate the same that white girl is doing ameingiza vidole kwa mkundu ya iyo dildo doll @KuwaitBabe Ûka vaa!

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All freedoms must be exercised in a responsible and civilized manner …
And that includes the freedom of expression …

Too often , Idiots and Juvenile Morons in here seem to derive great pleasure in the unprovoked and unsolicited defaming , insulting and regurgitating on posts or personalities of Senior Members of good standing.

It is time to call out this unbecoming , rude and backward behavior.

All the concerned know themselves…

If you cannot contribute positively in any conversation , it is best you maintain your silence.

ADMIN also appears complicit by NOT taking any firm remedial action to curb this Juvenile nonsense.:fire::fire:

All should adhere to a Code of Conduct that is commensurate with the dignity of this Discussion Platform…

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That kamba woman is a freak in bed buana

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