TruemanCapote i'm in love with you coz of this one reason

Your consistency in and commitment to what you believe in, in this case, that whites are superior. I don’t agree with it, but the way you prosecute your beliefs with post after post as evidence to support your beliefs…it’s admirable. I don’t think I’m that committed to what I believe in

haiombwi ivo

This is a very flawed reasoning. If somebody insists with something you dont agree with, they become naggers.

These crazy b*tches hukuwa na fire p#ssy.

@TrumanCapote kuja hivi Una ongeleshwa na potential rich osband.

Are you crazy! how do her arguments make sense. One moment she loves all jungus the next moment she is posting jungus killing their wives and jungu serial killers. Cant you see she is a confused nincompoop

Juvenile rants …
Sisemi Kitu … :D:D

@miritiandes come finish this mafacker

Such behaviour is described in the dictionary of psychology and psychiatry as the obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Such needs therapy


Coochie spins logic on its head

@TrumanCapote loves to slob on the white knob just like corn on the cob!



You just fallen in love with a nigga, did you know truman was actually a male author

Hehehehehe …
Too Much Information …


Now you have just spoiled the magic moment … :D:D

Ya mkamba mshamba illiterate maskini @PHARMACY huuuza kuma 50 bob per shot mlolongo

Hahaha whoever using the handle could just be a guy terrorising niggas here for nothing

Game ya walami iko down vibaya

Wachana na uyo malaya mzee kijana