Nani ako na Truecaller premium? I need to get a no. From there.

Kama uko na android, si ugoogle truecaller premium. Utapata free. Ukipata ransomware shida yako, otherwise Truecaller ni free except ads ndio mingi

For you to get Trucaller premium you have to pay some fee.

Si uende website yao using browser,

Log in using your gmail/Microsoft account
Search for the specific number na ukimaliza log out.

Kuna kitu inaitwa modded ndo msee anaongelea

Inakaa amepigiwa simu na number muoto

Truecaller husaidia aje haswa

Tuma 1 bob kwa mpesa then cancel before iende through thank me later

I also wonder. Ukishajua naitwa flani kwa truecaller then what.

Does this true caller show location of the number calling?

Wewe ni mwizi hata ukishikwa hujali bado unaendelea ku-threaten watu…bure kabisa. We already know Truecaller is the least of your worries. Mtu amelala korokoroni atashtuliwa na truecaller???


Actually, you can opt out of the Truecaller database- or at least I did years ago. There was also an option to rename yourself. Siku hizi sijui kama kuna hizo options.
Bonobos wanapenda kuinstall random shiet. If you really cant get the name by using Mpesa’s hakikisha, install Truecaller in a virtual device in Android Studio or Bluestack (sikumbuki jina). Or if you are running Android 8 upwards create a Guest user account on your phone and install it there

Mpesa hakikisha is the most efficient way nowadays. hio ndo me hutumia.

It isnt efficient… Many of us arent using their IDs to register MPesa