Truecaller spam

Hello members.
Is there any way someone can remove spam redflags that appears on someones screen whenever you calling someone who hàs truecaller? Unfortunately my number is being flagged as spam and i want to get rid of that

Uninstall that app quickly. It was among the apps banned by Google.


:D:D:D conman sugu


Tuma Kwa hii namba

I removed true caller long ago when I realised I couldn’t bear with its endless nonsense. Inahijack simu it’s like the phone is no longer yours. I don’t care to know who calls me with an unknown number…I wonder why you still care

Kuhepa hawa watu wa maloans

Kwani settings zako zilikua aje? Nimetumia since inception na the only time ilinikasirisha ni once ikiniuliza ka isomage texts zangu.

Is your version updated?
Most applications used to be good but the moment upgrades started they became nagging with requests and notifications.
Kazi itakuwa kushinda ukiweka notifications off. Mara rate this app.

Lipa loan uache stress za calls

Things are hard sasa siwezi pata 10k alafu niwapee yote,si ntalala njaa?

Yeah hesabu lazima ufanye. After all haukukopa juu ulikuwa nazo

Exactly sasa ntawalipa wakati ntaweza…ivo Truecaller has gone rogue kapsar?

Aah ,thats why. I never update apps that i dont use often for that fear. Nakumbuka i used snapseed for pic editing kitambo,i had them on two phones ,i updated one by mistake only to find it became too intrusive and lacked some features,the old one is still working all those years.Nimekuelewa