Truecaller hits 1.5 million daily active users in Kenya

Truecaller is one of the fastest-growing consumer apps in Africa and has consistently been topping the App Store Charts across the continent for the past three years. Since launching its Premium services in 2018, the app is now the second-highest-grossing app in Kenya.

The Truecaller app, which allows people to see who’s calling and filter out spam calls and SMS, has already more than 23 million daily active users in Africa. The service is identifying more than 1.1 billion calls on a monthly basis whereas 100 million of these calls are spam or scam-related. This is a 120% increase compared to last year.

The company also revealed that it has more than 1.5 million daily active users in Kenya alone. The Truecaller app is blocking and filtering out more than 8.2 million calls (86% increase compared to last year,) and 17 million spam SMS on a monthly basis (21% increase compared to last year) in the country.

Premium users?

Premium users around 10% of that! That’s around 150K daily users. Massive!! $148K/mo without ads

Hao premium ndio wagani?

Those who pay around $0.99/month

What features do they get in return?
I’ve never bothered with the app


It’s a pretty good app as opposed to sending an unfamiliar number half a million in M-Pesa, fully aware you do not have that amount

Thanks to branch and tala

how do you avoid the pop up adverts?

Go premium. Just pay Ksh 100/mo

Uninstall it