True Random Testing for Coronavirus is The Answer

In figuring out what we need to do with coronavirus, true random testing is the answer.
This is not a question of testing folks who had come into contact with infected people. Nor is it about testing folks who had visited coronavirus epicenters or people with coronavirus symptoms.
Rather, it is about stopping people on the street and requesting them to test them (a small token would motivate them to agree).
Only that way can we get a picture of how widespread the virus is in our population.
Like if you take a truly representative sample of 200 people and test them for corona, and 50 turn out to be positive, it would mean that the virus is already freely circulating in our population, with 25% infected but asymptomatic. That would then mean that there is no point imposing curfews, lockdowns and what have: because the virus is already freely circulating in our population. The next course of action would be to figure out why, for sure, the virus isn’t wreaking havoc in our population, in spite of it being widespread (as I strongly suspect it is). We need to certainly pin it down to something: BCG vaccination or whatever.
Otherwise we will continue beating around the bush in the dark. Threatening people with ‘confirmed cases’ numbers, and giving people the impression that those are the total numbers/based on representative samples – yet these are only coming from people who were tested based on reasonable suspicion.
These are common sense things and I don’t, for the life of me, understand why they escape otherwise intelligent people.

Not with these idiots giving the world already infected testing kits

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]I agree, random testing would give a clearer picture of the true number.
Though I’d rule out the small token entice, that cultural programming is the reason we are in this quagmire sir

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I think the fvcking chinese are upto no good…seems like a Bio war in the making.

Thank God niliblock iyo pembe ya kunguni

Seasonal flu kills tens of thousands in the US, yearly! I am not sure the time is ripe for such studies, till we see how the virus behaves in our population. We have been dealing with imported cases mostly. Is it possible that the incubation period is different in different circumstances? But that is the way to go once the trend becomes obvious; that Africans are more immune! Whatever the case, your suggestion worth pursuing when resources are available, later! I might be wrong on that!

Those infected kits came from Luxembourg, not China

Many envy China so they will throw dirt their way!

Coming from Luxembourg doesn’t mean they weren’t made in China


So in the meantime, we continue imposing deadly curfews and lockdowns, trying to control a virus that is probably already freely circulating in the population (and which could have come from here for all we know) while waiting for ‘resources’?