True Love Story

When you’re in love u do anything to show your affection for her. I love you Brenda
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Kwani wewe ni kipofu? Haioni mkia ndio aamini unampenda?
Brare Kisigino ya konokono!

naona Umeweka ebrufication…

kissing ass, literally

Weka picha ya sura I knew a girl called Brenda and those buttocks look like hers


niaje Billy a.k.a Crazy Nairobian



Ameiba picha ya Billy

Write your name on your palm or her ass

:D:D alafu kuna ninja itakuja kuoa hii shenji eti imeangukia bibi:D brare fogo

So what…maybe he intends on marrying her…what about this makes he unmarriagable?

Maybe is the key word…but be as it may…would you anika your future wife’s ass online?the mother of your future kids?i guess not.

GaaaaaaaayyyyyCHIETH. Huyu jamaa ni kabadian basi

Billy aka Crazy Nairobian ni yule amri mkuu wa chokoraah on KOT