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Much has been said and spoken about a former local TV anchor. In 2015 i almost fell in the same grave only that God didnt allow me to go through the fire that has finally engulfed her.I want to share my story and hope it will encourage /raise an alarm to the members especially those in relationships.I met this guy Ben( not her real names) in mombasa in the year 2015 i had just been posted to work for the goverment, he told me he works with one of the local banks in mombasa which made me to believe and trust him cz he lived a good life and drove a very good machine, after 6months he informed me of his intentions to live the country of whose destination i hardly knew all this time we kept in touch, one evening he asked me to send him my bank account which i did, i realized he had deposted around half a a million shilings of which he confided to me it was meant for him to buy a piece of land( why should he then deposit in my account?)after two months he came back to kenya and continued with his normal life! In january 2016 he bought a brand new V8 and also bought for his mum a fortuner he never wanted to disclose to me his parents home nor introduce me to his parents which cited as being to early for me to know his parents, one day he called me at noon and informed me of his intentions of living the country the material day and went ahead to deposit 10m (10 million ) in the joint account we had opened together cz we wanted to construct a residential house In Mombasa.When I confided to my best friend about my boyfriend, my best friend asked me to watch his movements and be cautious cz she too smelt a rat.One day hell broke loose, my boyfriend was driving and upon reaching a certain road block upon his return to the country the police arrested him, i was shocked to the police’s allegation of him having been a robber and was being wanted for participating in a certain robbery where a certain bank had lost huge chunks of money!!! Oh my God this is the day i wish i hadnt met this charming handsome man, be careful with the looks !! You can easily be deceived!! I never wanted to imagine what i saw at the police station !!! He was caught with more than 100 ATM’s of which he and his accomplices had robbed victims , all the ATM’s had pin numbers scratched at the bank using a safety pin , alongside the ATM’s was a long piece of paper he had indicated the names featuring on the atms and the pin number of which made it easily for him to withdraw money!!! I never imagined watching a movie of which i was the main character!!! He was arraigned in court and slapped with a cash bail of 5m with a surety of the same amount alongside his accomplices for robbery with violence.Love is very blind !!! I sold two of my own properties and managed to bail him out!! His parents never bothered with him in cell despite of their son showering them with lots of cash and gifts!! Before his release i was shocked to realize that he lied to me about his real names!!! What!!!He had two identity cards bearing his real photos but different names and id numbers!! When the banking fraud agency sermoned me to appear before them my instincts warned me not to hide anything from them !! I narrated the whole ordeal of events that led him to deposit huge chunks of money in our joint account.

So you don’t have a reach husband?

Part 2 (Unedited).After narrating to the bank fraud agency they insisted to know where my boyfriend stayed/his home county, luckily enough he knew I lived in a certain estate though he hadn’t set his foot in my house neither did I though I knew his closed friend Alex( not his real names),this officer adviced me to co-operate of which I did cz I came from a humbled back ground and having been raised in poverty I didn’t want to end behind bars, we left for Alex’s friend and upon knocking the gate the security guard informed us of knowing where my boyfriend lived cz he once visted Alex alongside my boyfriend( How God answers prayers for innocent persons conjoined in a trap is a story for another day) upon reaching my boyfriend 's house with the aid of the security guard the officers broke the lock and forced ourselves in!! Oh my God I didn’t believe what I was seeing!!! I removed my spects cz I wasnt believing what I saw!! Alex too was part of the robbery battalion!! The officers ransacked the house and found loads of cash stuffed in a sack of 100 KGS which was purported to have been robbed from one of the banks, two guns and ammunitions were also found, several log books and car keys, all the items were bundled in the GK vehicle.Later the officers insisted I take them to my house.They ransacked every where but never found any looming sign of having any stolen money or properties in my house,all this time my accounts had been frozen and my I’d and other valuable documents like passport and driving licence withdrawn from me. Saying my boyfriend was strictly born again and a church leader at one of the famous churches in Mombasa would be an understatement. How would a whole Servant of God /banker turn out to be a robber???only God knew how depression was creeping on me, I lost weight cz every day the police would sermon me cz remember I had to cooperate not forgetting how I sold my own properties which I bought with my own sweat to raise his cash bail of 5m , all this time his friends were at large, no one wanted to associate themselves with him leave alone those he ate and dined with (,Be careful with the type of friend you associate with when everything is sailing smoothly) On 2016 February my boyfriend alongside his accomplice were arraigned at the high high court in Mombasa to determine the fate of their case, this is the time God shows his mercies upon my life and saw the Mombasa CID thanking me for my cooperation and citing that I will be treated as a state witness.I signed in relief and was assigned police officers for security in case of any threat /suspicious persons trailing me I report to them .Continued in part 3

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Only read the 1st sentence and got bored.Onto exciting news,Wilder Vs Fury happens on Dec 1st☺

Girls you are in big trouble, handsome/broke man who wants to live off you - Jowie
Handsome and wealthy - A thug

I guess now maybe what is left for you is Ugly /wealthy ama coz Broke and Ugly is too much? Mungu Saidia !

good read. waiting for the final

Wapi part 3… Where they split the loot with the cid

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@Randy . How long does it take to sell property? Tunabebwa…

Amesema nini kwa part 1 and 2?

She landed the reach husband after she was through with the bank robber in 2015.

And in the 2.5 years between then and now, landed herself a reach husband, got 3 kids some over 5 years old and went back to school.
We all have the same 24 hours.

Why didn’t you withdraw from being a guarantor in that case [COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]?

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Part 3 (Edited). I really loved this guy Ben being my first love. I had high hopes of settling down with him but this was now a night mare. What people go through in the name of love??? Please don’t judge me unless you wear the same size of my shoes and know where my shoes pinch. Holier-than-thou attitudes, this isn’t the right post to judge how foolish I was to date this man. He had all the looks and character I wanted in a man, only that he was hiding in a wolf’s skin!!! On April 2016, the CID later traced his home county through the help of the security guard who confided to the CID of having visited Ben ‘s ailing dad alongside his friend Alex the previous year before I met him. The vehicles my boyfriend bought his parents were part of the stolen cash from one of the banks. The CID asked his parents to record a statement and withdrew the vehicles from his them which they cited as being part of the stolen properties.The vehicles’ logbook was part of what was found in Ben’s house!! ( Ben’s parents were innocent as per the investigation). The hearing date for the robbery case was scheduled on 8th July 2016. This is where reality dawned on me that my boyfriend, despite having scored a plain A in high school, graduated with a first class honors , and having a masters degree, (we stumbled upon his certificates with the CID While ransacking his house), was indeed a robber and a victim of circumstances. This is the time I really wanted the God of Meshack Shadrack and Abednego to intervene in my fire. I wanted to see the real man in the fire!!! I remember sitting in my living room watching news on one of the favourite stations I liked. I suddenly heard this “Police in Mombasa are looking for four robbers who are reported to have been captured on CCTV robbing a local bank last month. Any leads to the arrest of these robbers will be treated in a confidential manner, a handsome reward of ksh 100,000 will be rewarded to anyone leading to their arrest”. When I clearly watched the CCTV footage displayed on the screen, I saw my boyfriend and his friend Alex alongside two other accomplices, this is the time I wished the ground to swallow me alive (ladies, I plead with you to be careful and learn from my experience , looks can be deceitful, not all that glitters is gold!"). The following day, the police summoned me and interrogated me the whole day, by this time my boss was getting suspicious why am a regular absentee at my place of work!! I got two warning letters one from the HR and another from my immediate supervisor. I sank into depression and contemplated committing suicide, bearing in mind I was the sole bread winner and my mum depended on me alongside my siblings. God of David I needed you at this time, you never abandoned me , thanks for your mercies and grace.To be continued in part 4.

Ladies just ask your parents to arrange your marriage, hapa nje ni kubaya.

Afande do you know this case you give us real identities since hii ni place ya ku expose watu???

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