True Kenyans for you

I know we are shocked that a woman would treat a man so badly and murder him so brutally. All for money and property.

I got shocked like that when Kenyans voted for suspects of crimes against humanity.

I got shocked like that when I found out that civil servants deliberately run down the public health sector, so that people can die at public hospitals. Because death at public hospitals is advertising for private hospitals. People dying for money is ok in Kenya.

I got shocked like that when I found out that the Ministry of education allowed the British to experiment on our schools so that Bridge Academies can make money. Diseducating children today is wishing them death tomorrow. But hey, kids don’t matter. Money does.

I get shocked like that when I see some green, disgusting liquid pouring into our rivers, rivers which are used by farmers to grow our food and herders to water the cattle which will be slaughtered in our butcheries.

I got shocked like that when I read how government officials in the 80s allowed for nuclear waste to be dumped in Northern Kenya. Imagine people in an area with no hospitals being condemned to die such painful deaths from untreated cancer.

So go ahead and be self righteous. Whatever that woman did to her husband is standard Kenyan practice. This is what we Kenyans do. For money.

killing for money?

I got shocked like that when Sharon was murdered in cold blood and her womb sliced open. The killers are still walking free

What does not shock me is the speed with which Cohen’s murderers will be thrown in jail. It looks like even in death, some are more dead than others

of course some animals are more equal than others…


Are we really shocked? I think we are just intrigued because ni mzungu who got killed because in our caste system it is the mzungu who is expected to be doing the killing. The media is the one driving the national mood here with their detailed briefing of the case.
We see news of couples killing one another all the time.To be sure, when has the killing of a Kenyan man by his wife ever received such coverage? It’s usually a 2 minutes mention and then they move on to the other news items

I refuse to go with this generalization.
It’s blatant, shallow and hollow.
Societies all over the world have their own share of social misfits, the greedy and murderous criminals.
Trying to make it appear a peculiary Kenyan situation is being simplistic.
There are many honest and righteous Kenyans with a genuine desire to help and improve others.

I doubt this happened but you could show us where.

Wacha I just leave this here:

  1. I dont blame her sana. A man must plan his affairs in such a way that his wife cannot benefit from his death.
  2. Marrying a single mother only seals it in her mind that you are a yusilesi, optionless, loser, better dead.
  3. Kind is a word that describes a feeling common to those of the same kind (blood). Kin, kindred and such words derive from that.
  4. A wife is called a next of kin: is a misnomer, unless you married your sister. Your wife is not your kin. The only kin you have in common are your kids, if they are indeed yours.

I can’t keep quiet anymore ! while we have lost so many breast cancer patients because of such doctors at KNH !!! who steal herceptin drugs meant for cancer patients !!!

Look no further for the herceptin thief at KNH!!! Nurse Esther Cege Munyoro is the head of palliative care at KNH and used to inbox patients on my platforms threatening them not to talk about this drug being sold on the corridors !!!
KNH will never change when you have such thieves heading such departments and always at KNH fundraisers to continue stealing money meant for patients !!!

This woman is UNTOUCHABLE !!!as she is protected by the KNH cartel that manipulates the corrupt system at KNH.She inboxed cancer patients who spoke about being sold for this medicine that’s supplied by @roche through KEMSA. This drug is sold by KEMSA at about 89,000 kshs and last year the drug was being sold at a whooping kshs 250,000 !!! at KNH!! Our biggest refferal hosptal with 38 ICU beds.Morphine is not FREE !!patients buy and if they can’t afford, they die in pain because there is a nurse who is in charge of stealing meds meant for patients but she’s UNTOUCHABLE!!!

Many are times patients are turned away because this medicine has disappeared. This medicine is a cold chain but will still find a way of being sold on the corridors for 100,000 cash !!!
This nurse is in charge of fundraising for the KNH hostel which American Cancer society had offered to build. But how will this thief eat if they sponsor !
She travelled all the way to the US fundraised and steal KNH money !!!

Mike Sonko. our patients are dying at KNH !!! because of such nurses who call patients who call out KNh corruption, give them the meds and tells them what to tell the journalists so they don’t expose KNH!!!

Palliative medicine meant for cancer patients is stolen by this Untouchable
nurse who works under the umbrella of the cartels who manipulate KNH!!!

Such nurses who have the audacity to silence people and hate it when patients speak up against KNH ! Why do we have such moles, rogue nurses,murderers , hitler medics!! with no emotions when it comes to that Mama mboga who is referred at KNH?

That’s why patients scream in pain because morphine is not available at KNH !! Why !!! why !!! are such nurses protected at the biggest referral hospital meant for “Wanjiku” battling stage 4 cancers ! Where is accountability with this money they have been fundraising for the hostel???
Herceptin is always missing at KNH!!
Rumor has it! sometimes they mix the meds with water ! medicine that Government sponsors for that poor cancer patient who was under the government program. Roche stopped supplying the drug and we buried very many patients because of Nurse Esther Munyoro !!! The Untouchable vampire at KNH.

Cancer patients traveling from miles away!! sleeping out in the cold and she will pass them. She silences anyone who speaks against KNH to protect funding that comes to KNH because that’s where her wealth comes from !!!
She thrives on patients blood !!!
She’s a healthcare vampire !!
She’s a professional speaker at Cancer symposiums and collaborates with anyone who speaks her language . Donor funding thieves!!! is her inner circle !!!
#StopKNHMurderers !!!
Cancer patients are dying at the expense of this ruthless nurse who is protected by monied cartels at KNH.

I hope she sleeps in peace as patients as sold for blood at KNH. Blood meant for patients !!! Oh heavenly father !!! Look down upon your people and strike them with the thunder to save our dying moms.
October breast cancer month is coming up !! Am sure she’s on a panel to speak about the agenda of KNH till 2022.A woman who’s hands are filled with blood !!!
Father God !!! Do something and protect our children suffering from cancer at KNH. Look at all the title deeds and log books that have been left by families because of such nurses !!
This needs to go on Buyer beware !!!Mildred Atty Owiso

Untouchable nurse who survives on patients blood for wealth !

We speak for patients !!! Sad that last year!! we buried so many patients who’s cancers had metastasized after this drug went missing and continue to be stolen at KNH. Cancer patients getting it are sometimes too weak to speak up and eventually have to start metastatic treatment all over again. Help us eliminate this nurse and other cartels feeding on patients blood at KNH ! ex

In marsabit in the early 80’s

I think that you should have passed this info to DCI anonymously.
Or are you hoping that @pamba will see it and pass it on to his boss?

:D:D:D:D:D:D lol ati you cant keep quiet anymore…smh…kunyamaza utanyamaza madam

@Circledot Most women know and recognize the dangers that come with “dating” a certain type of man. As such:

I’m also shocked that Sharon thought it would be okay to back a “powerful” man into a corner and ask for an exorbitant amount of money without expecting any consequences.

To date, I am shocked when I see college aged females “dating” well known politicians, drug dealers, business men and all sorts of unsavoury, yet powerful, men who are known to react a certain way if you challenge them or do not tow the line.

I am also shocked that people (both men and women) pick their mates based on looks only then act surprised when said mate does something “shocking”. Older women marrying young boy toys, rich men marrying hot women, and all this before getting to know them.

I’m even more shocked that we as a society always fall back on completely unrelated and, frankly, simplistic thinking when confronted with the consequences of such actions. We start arguing along the lines of tribe, gender, education level, age etc when we all clearly know that choices do have consequences.

But seeing as it is considered “victim shaming” or “insensitive” and disrespectful to the dead, let’s continue pretending they were completely blameless victims in whatever befell them.

Tob Cohen is just another human being whose choices caught up with him. As is his wife.

Given a completely unhindered view of things, I am sure you will find very many bad decisions which he made that led up to this conclusion.

And don’t start that pedestrian argument of “no one deserves to die like this no matter what”. The truth is, we all get a different dose of consequence. One person may end up completely poor, another will end up with physical and/or mental hurt, while another will walk away from it without learning a single lesson only to repeat the cycle, others will get pregnant etc Mr. Cohen’s consequence was death.

The universe teaches as it pleases. You’re just a student and you will take whatever is handed to you.

Word. Enough said.

Well put

Pls share DCI address

I know the physical address. Would that help you to expose the ‘thiefing’ nurse?

No, am not in 254