True indeed


51% wrong my friend.

That determines your age and stage in life

80% right my frien

I absolutely agree
but then again
you can hit and run

This guy Eric is a male version of @TrumanCapote giving us unsolicited advice

Pullsheet,kuna makunguru najua wako totally different from their mothers,kitabia ,mwili na mienendo

Vitu kwa ground ni opposite

Wisdom on steroids. Never marry a woman from a broken family.

Aje sasa na hii generation ya 90s singo madhas wako 80%

Mtoi wa single matha ni ukule pamoja Na mamake then uingie mitini.

That’s why God made places with many trees, and why we must fight to conserve forests.


99.99% correct, very true in most cases i have seen.

i support this a 100%