Truck /Tipper Owners Alert

Kitunguu inuke to those with tippers/trucks
That aside whoever has a job vacancy in accounting, finance or administration help a villager.[ATTACH=full]162423[/ATTACH]

In other news sponsors wameongea[ATTACH=full]162426[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]162426[/ATTACH]

eti bwala Africa …mtatombwa na hawa ma wannabe mjue hamjui.

Acha ushamba tumia google vile inafaa not watching she male porn

I know him… He’s legit

when the deal is too good think twice

Jaribu kutulia. That site is legit.

There’s nothing too good here. That is standard rate in Nairobi. Hiyo pesa haiwezi peleka tipper coast.

company launched just one month ago. no structures, no communication office, the CEO is the one sourcing for trucks on Facebook, he’s the Secretary, the accountant, everything. you can’t trust your investment to such a company. you can’t spent your millions buying trucks to risk your property on a one man company. go to Google and check about the company. its been in the market for only one month. offisi zao ziko wapi? Assets zao ni zipi?