Truck or Tipper Owners

Kitunguu inuke to those with tippers/trucks
That aside whoever has a job vacancy in accounting, finance or administration help a villager.[ATTACH=full]162429[/ATTACH]

Zinaenda kubeba kura ama salamu Za foreman kwa site?
Meffi usifanyishe birrionares P.E. hapa…
People who need such know where to look or at least call for expression of interest from suppliers.

That advert is a bit sketchy
14k daily???

Who is catering for the following

  1. Fuel
  2. Driver allowances
  3. Road levies

What is being feried?
What’s the average mileage and tonnage per day?

I think that’s a middle man or a conman, has no idea how the trucking industry works

I think an onion like that is unlikely to be posted online in that manner. And again that website looks fake. one of those templates.

Google about Bwala Africa and kuwa mpole